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Think Slim, Be Slim

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4-Disc Program: Think Slim, Be Slim

  • No exercises   • No drugs   • No special diets 

Through the power of hypnosis, you can overcome cravings, suppress your desire for unhealthy foods and even increase your metabolism.

Think Slim, Be Slim has already helped over 100,000 people to lose as much weight as they wanted.

50 years of mind reprogramming and first-hand experience in weight control. Listen to the program for 21 consecutive days for:

  • Weight loss!  
  • Relaxation   
  • Body Positivity

Never discount the effects and power of your subconscious. Every aspect of your existence is passively directed by your subconscious computer: your real hidden power! 

"What you think, will be what you create." – Martin St James 

The SRC system will trigger the release of the hormones responsible for creating 'homeostasis' (balance) in the body. These stimulated hormones will help 

  • Burn Fat
  • Create lean muscle mass   
  • Increase your metabolic rate 

The SRC system will help you create the body image you desire. Begin your weight-loss journey today with this 4-CD set from the greatest hypnotist of our time.

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