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Stress Control

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4-DISC PROGRAM: Meet problems with ease and confidence when your subconscious accepts the dynamic and helpful instructions of Martin St James.

We live in a fast-paced and often stressful environment. Unchecked, stress can be the cause of many kinds of ailments including migraine headaches, insomnia, ill-temper and heart disease.

Stress is a natural and normal response to life's obstacles. It can help us overcome challenges and push on in adversity. Stress itself is not negative or unhealthy.
   • Stress can provide the much-needed adrenaline for a sporting or stage performance.
   • Stress can also drive you towards a greater positive attitude by challenging your comfort zones.

However, being in a constant state of stress, can negatively impact your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Prolonged stress will exhaust the adrenal glands, lower the production of natural steroids and diminish the immune system's ability to fight infection.

There is no such thing as a stress-free world. You can not control your environment, but you can control how you respond to it. With Martin St. James, staying on top of stress will become a habit. This program will help you to respond to conflict with calm, poise and confidence.

Make 'Stress Control' a habit and you will:
   • Think clearer.
   • Boost problem solving and decision making.
   • Improve memory.
   • Sleep better.
   • Improve Digestion.
   • Enhance professional and personal relationships.
   • Heighten study and test results.

Join the thousands of people who have already benefited from this program. You cannot control your environment, but you can control how you respond to it. Order now and begin your journey out of stress. 

All SRC programmes are safe, effective, proven, and supported by over fifty years of hands-on experience from Martin St. James.

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