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Stop Smoking

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4-Disc Program: Stop Smoking Forever!!

Martin St James wants to be remembered as the man who stopped the world from smoking and he has the system to do it! Giving up smoking can be easy, stress free and permanent. It is hard to believe, but the results of Martin's Stop Smoking Program are indisputable. Martin's SRC system has been independently assessed as having a 97% success rate. SRC makes giving up smoking a breeze. You will find that you just don't want a cigarette! 

You CAN beat cigarettes. The SRC stop-smoking program is backed by decades of experience, research, development and proven results.  This program attacks the smoking habit in a positive way. All you need to do is listen to the CD program and the impulse to smoke will go up in smoke.  

"During the past thirty years, I have attempted to stop smoking several times but have not been able to find an effective method until now. From the very first time I viewed the SRC video, in October 2002 I have not had the urge to smoke. I continued with the recommended 21-day audio program and am now confident I will continue to be a non-smoker." - Masaji Kitagawa, Chairman Grand Prix Group, Osaka. 

"The nagging irresistible physical desire to have a cigarette had gone." - Paul Keers (Journalist Cosmopolitan Magazine London)

You do not have to immediately stop smoking to begin the program. All you need to do is listen and relax. It takes 21 days to break a habit - and in just 21 days you can effortlessly and proudly be a non-smoker.

"I know what it is like to be a smoker. I was one for 20 odd years. And I know how difficult it can be to quit, especially if you do not have the right tools. I believe that what has worked for me will work for most people. In fact, I know it will. To date many millions have been helped with my stop smoking system. With your help, I am simply going to take away your desire to smoke. You just listen to me with your eyes closed and quickly and easily you will be freed of the desire to smoke forever…" - Martin St James

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