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Sports Motivation

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Sports Motivation helps athletes fine tune their thinking to help:  

  • activate the trainer/coach’s directions in the heat of competition
  • relax whilst under pressure 
  • reduce performance anxiety

Maintain a more relaxed mind/body connection  

  • improve quality of pre-performance sleep 
  • improve post-performance recovery 

Sports Motivation operates in harmony with your existing training program. This 4-CD se engages the subconscious part of the mind, the storeroom of every thought, word and deed, to reveal hidden potential and attune you for success!

"Every motor skill involved in sport is passively influenced by your subconscious computer! " - Martin St James. 

Mental preparation can be the difference between winning and losing! 

A sportsman will achieve far greater results by improving their mental preparedness and focus.
"It's the greatest feeling you could ever have! In training for a tough fight, especially on the last week when my nerves are playing up, it's hard to sleep. By not sleeping I am burning up a lot of energy. By the time I step into the ring, I already feel tired. Martin made a tape - if I listen to that it makes me sleep like a baby. Before meeting Martin, I started to lose my confidence which was upsetting my training. I kept thinking there was something wrong. Was it the end of my career? Martin made me a tape to motivate me and now I feel great again!” - Lovemore Ndou  (From FoxSports interview) 

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