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The Teacup of Destiny:  Interview with Sharon McLeod
Paul Fenton-Smith on Reading from a Distance
Mediumship: Can it be learned? Rhys Wynn Davies
Smudge it with Barb Meynell. Smoke out the Old, Draw in the New
Seeing the Future: Deciphering Prophecy with Elisabeth Jensen
Magic: It’s Elemental by Suzy Cherub
Be YOU, Beyond Compare with Katy-K
Simon Turnbull: Rasputin Encounter
IPA Psychic of the Year Awards
Guided by Angel Numbers with Tracey Nichols
Ethical Reading in Uncertain Times
Animal Dreaming Special
Dr Linet Amalie: Listen with Kindness & Hear Your Wisdom
Dr Steven Farmer: Discover Your Animal Guides
Sharina Star: The Art of Placement
Star Seeds Connection, Enchanted Vision & More!
Ready, Deck, Go!
The ITFs Tarot & Oracles of the Year
Jade-Sky: Preparing your Cards
Rosie Shalhoub: Intuition is Sweet
Denise Jarvie: Colour Your Readings

2021 inSight
Highlights from the Skies: The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Meteors & More
Predictions from Elisabeth & Deniz
Your Rebel Archetype
Find Your Higher Purpose
2021: The Year of the Hierophant

And more!

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