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  • Multi-Level Mediumship: Lisa Williams talks to Nic Skuja about talking with the other side.
  • In Two Worlds: Peta Morphett discusses Spiritualism with 2018 Psychic Hall of Fame Inductee Kathleen Kelsey
  • Simon Turnbull on Books, Blessings and Pioneering Australian Medium, Billy Hill
  • Take a walk on the Spirited Side with Katy-K and the Camino de Santiago
  • Discover the Secrets of Healing with Hindu Deities with Ganesha, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Elisabeth Jensen.
Your Psychic Guide to 2019
  • Dates, Interpretations and How to Work with The Planetary Power of Retrograde
  • Get Ready, Get Set and GLOW: Sharina’s Lucky Colours, Numbers & Tips
  • Talk is Sweet in 2019: Numerology by Robin Stein
  • Your Year by the Stars: Astrology by Kelli Fox
Meditation on the Cards. John Martin: Tarot initiates have used trance and visualisation to personally experience the symbolism of each card. Arthur Edward Waite and Carl Jung used similar practices and you can, too!
Hand it to Psychometry. Francis Bevan: Psychometrists can often become skilled mediums as well. Here’s a quick guide to getting started.
Cleared for Clarity. Tracey Nichols: Space clearing creates an inner and external calm and brings assurance that you are protected and guided as you work.
Plus …
IPA Psychic of the Year Awards
Free Will, Ethics and Readings
And more!                          

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