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                                                           Whether you are searching for
       Psychics Set for                                    romance, curious about your   Psychic at
                                                           next career change or simply
                                                           interested as to how your   The Fringe
       Easter Show                                         future will unfold, you will be
                                                           amazed at the messages that
                                                           come through.
                                                                                          arry Gray, SA Psychic
                                                           ‘If you’re looking to get an   of the Year 2013,
                                                           intuitive reading, make sure   Bhas announced his
                                                           you know how to get the most   attendance at Adelaide
                                                           of it. Be open to what you are   Fringe 2019. Barry expects
                                                           about to receive, let go of all   to give attendees at the
                                                           expectations and show up   event something different as
                                                           with an open mind. If you are   it is the first time mediumship
                                                           coming to the reading to get   has been represented at the
                                                           guidance on specific situations,   Fringe. We are confident
                                                           you can simply ask the    Barry’s talent will contribute
                                                           questions you want answered,’   to the wow factor at the heart
                                                           Tracy advises visitors. ‘Go to   of the festival.
                                                           a reader that you feel aligned
                                                           with, and remember that spirit   The idea behind the Fringe
                                                           speaks in metaphors, uses   is to surprise the audience
                                                           our own memories and shows   and evoke an unexpected
                                                           us things from our own lives   response. No other show
                                                           to help to connect the dots for   included in the festival has
                                                           you.’                     the same potential to fill
                                                                                     this requirement as Barry’s
                                                           Tracy will also launch the   mediumship demonstration.
           he Royale Psychic     provide visitors with universal   Easter Show’s very first   We wish him all the best!
           Reading Room          messages and healing.     psychic show bag, offering
      Twill make its highly                                those interested a delightful   Barry’s attendances at
       anticipated debut at the   Tracy’s desire to support the   surprise with something   Adelaide Fringe are on
                                                                                     Thursday 14 March and
       Sydney Royal Easter Show in   broader spiritual community   for everyone. The Royale
       2019, showcasing Australia’s   and connect healers with   Psychic Reading Room will   Saturday 16 March in
                                                                                     2019 at Grand Central
       leading psychics, mediums,   those seeking guidance was   be situated within the World
       healers and tarot readers,   a motivator in starting the   Bazaar, located along Olympic   Underground. Anyone
                                                                                     interested in getting tickets
       along with Australia’s very   Royale Psychic Reading   Boulevard and should be
       first psychic bag.        Room. ‘I always had this   added to your to-do list on   or learning more can contact
                                                                                     Adelaide Fringe or visit www.
                                 vision of bringing psychics,   your visit to the Sydney Royal
       Founded by Australia’s    healers and spiritual products   Easter Show in 2019 and
       Psychic TV personality, Tracy   to more people, and to create   beyond.
       Johnston (Angel TraShell),   another platform for the
       who has been working      spiritual community,’ she says.
       as a psychic medium and                             Pre-book your
       clairvoyant for the past twenty-  On each day of the show   reading online: www.
       five years, the Royale Psychic   there will be up to ten readers   royalepsychicreadingroom.
       Reading Room will be a visit   to choose from, each offering Follow us on
       you would not want to miss,   their unique services and   Facebook:
       as readers from around    abilities to support you on   royalepsychicreadingroom.
       the country congregate to   your life path and journey.

        Anna is based in Brisbane and is fast becoming one of the most sought after psychic mediums in Australia.  A professional
         member of the International Psychics Association, Anna has read across Australia and Internationally.  Anna has had natural
        psychic ability from a young age and is passionate about helping others through her gifts as a clairvoyant and medium.  As she
        connects via energy, Anna does not need to see clients face-to-face to conduct a reading, nor does she use tarot cards or other
                   divinatory tools, and she does not have her clients tell her any information prior to a reading.
                  Detailed and accurate readings with messages from your past, present and future.
                         Her readings will give you answers, clarity and psychic insight.
         As a medium, Anna connects to departed loved ones as well as pets (living or passed) to give you messages and validations.
           Anna also reads photos by connecting to their energy. Readings are conducted over the telephone, by text message, via
             Facebook Private Message, email and photo only. For online bookings, testimonials and more information visit
                    or phone 0421 376 580.

                                                            Psychic Clairvoyant  Medium
                                                           ★The 21st Century Psychic★
                                                              FACEBOOK/Psychic Guidance by Anna
                                                              Instagram/Psychic Guidance by Anna

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