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            miles when you can hardly
            walk half a mile.’ It’s about
            conditioning, you build up to
            it. That’s basically it.
            There are some audiences
            that are so dead, I’m like,
            ‘God, you’re deader than
            dead people!’ And I do say
            that. I have little phrases I
            say to brighten the energy
            and get them laughing. If I
            can get someone laughing
            or I can get a reading that is
            fun or laughable it maintains
            the energy. That changes
            Between readings I like to
            listen to music, or before
            the reading I sing. It’s just
            building up the energy really.

            Being so well known
            I imagine people’s
            expectations are very high.
            Does the weight of fame    What are your thoughts    the years?
            affect how you read for    on reincarnation and the                            Lisa Williams is an
            others?                    afterlife?                They have taught me a     internationally renowned psychic
                                                                 lot about the afterlife and   medium, author, speaker and
            There is a massive         I absolutely believe in it   reincarnation. They gave me   teacher. She offers a wide
            expectation. What the people   obviously! I wrote a book on   the information and I wrote   variety of products and services
            don’t see is the cutting room   it, The Survival of the Soul.   the books. The Survival   such as her books and oracle
            floor. Actually, I would say to   In the book I talk about the   of the Soul and my new   cards, readings, meditations,
            you, the cutting room floor is   reincarnation process. I can   book, Divine Wisdom, are   online courses and mentoring
            probably where the best bits   remember my lives, between   basically on the philosophy   (just to name a few) via her
            are as they are so left field   lives and afterlives.   of Spirit.             website,
            of the reading. However, the
            interesting part is that I don’t   Who knows until we   What’s on the horizon for   A lifetime student of the esoteric
            change how I read, whether   experience it when we’re   2019?                  and metaphysical, Nic Skuja
            someone is paying me eight   in the spirit world? Who                          is a self-styled, globetrotting
            hundred dollars, eight dollars,   truly, truly knows? It’s all   My wedding. I’m getting   mystic. She feels blessed to
            or nothing and a bouquet   so ambiguous, it’s all so   married in September so   have visited many sacred sites
            of flowers in exchange. I’m   whatever. How else do I   that’s exciting. I’m teaching   and to have had the opportunity
            doing it as a service to Spirit,   recognise people I’ve never   and I’m doing a variety   to study under many New Age
            I’m just the vessel.       met? How else does that   of courses. There’s also   luminaries.
                                       happen? So yeah, I truly   potential for a TV show.
            I always have an iPad on   believe in it.            There’s a lot going on really.   Journey to Success will be
            hand to do a jigsaw when I’m                         Courses, teaching and     returning in 2019. Details at
            doing a reading, it gets me   What have you learnt from   speaking, but the big thing   www.animaldreamingpublishing.
            out of my head.            your work with Spirit over   going on is my wedding.   com

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