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       How did you develop       starting to sit back and go:   What is forensic     major issues with Spirit
       your gifts? Was there     okay, what is it, where do   mediumship?            because I make Spirit my
       any particular course     I want to be? But I have to                         best friend.
       or training you found     keep it interesting. I can’t not   Forensic mediumship is
       invaluable?               keep it changing because I   for anything that needs to   Any suggestions for our
                                 need to have that change.  be investigated. It can go   readers experiencing
       I’ve never actually gone to                         from a suicide all the way   difficulties?
       any training. I’ve never sat   What have you learnt along   through to a family trying
       in a class or any form of   the way?                to piece together history. It   Be clear on who you want to
       circle. I used to go and watch                      doesn’t always have to do   communicate with. Take out
       mediums work the platform,   Keep your ego in check, be   with the police. I’ve used this   the word ‘spirit’. Who do you
       I used to go and watch other   humble, gracious and grateful   technique in many ways. I   really want to communicate
       people. But I never actually   because it can all be taken   feel it’s absolutely diverse.   with? Your dad, angels, your
       sat in a training course until I   from you at any moment.   As a medium I get queries   guides? Don’t label it all
       wrote one!                This work is not about money   regarding missing people   as Spirit. They are a soul.
                                 and if you do this work for   and murders. I had one   Identify them as a person. Be
       My grandmother read for me   money, you’ll lose the money.   recently relating to a drug   clear.
       when I was nineteen years   Do it for love and you’ll be   overdose. It meant retracing
       old. She sat there tapping her   given the rewards. Anything   the steps of this person   Social media is changing
       finger on the table and said,   that is done for money is   through to their final hours   mediumship because we
       ‘I’m only reading for you. I’m   ego-driven.        of death to offer their family   can research so much. It’s
       not reading for anyone else                         further insight. Going through   great. I can say your dad’s
       and if I see my own death I’m   What has surprised you?   things bit by bit, piece by   name was Tom and his
       stopping.’                                          piece, can give someone   brother’s name was Frank.
                                 I guess initially, the people’s   comfort. It can give a lot of   One had an amputated leg
       Basically, she told me, ‘You   reactions, the fans, and   closure.            and the other a problem with
       will continue with my work,   the encouragement I got.                        his toe. All of that can be
       you’re going to be famous.   Personally, what surprises   What advice do you have   documented somewhere. If
       You’re going to be in the US   me is how diverse I’ve   for those wanting to   I can bring in the essence
       and you’re going to travel   become. Because I’ve gone   develop their skills and   of a person, if I can turn
       globally.’                from twenty-five readings   offer their services?   around and give you a full-
                                 at home every week, and                             on conversation, that’s key.
       I said, ‘Okay! Record contract   being a mum, to suddenly   Don’t Hollywoodise it.   They know how that person
       please, because I want to be   becoming this international   Don’t dramatize it. Don’t   passed, they know his name,
 Nic Skuja with Lisa Williams  a singer.’ And she replied,   author, speaker, teacher with   sensationalise it because   address, everything. They
       ‘No, you are going to carry on   a school, a medium, and you   sometimes something is   want that final conversation.
       my work.’                 name it. I’ve become this   so simple. Keep it simple   It gives them an image. I
                                 huge international persona.   and keep to the facts. Don’t   always say to bring through
                                 It’s a brand, it’s exploded. It’s
                                                           put your interpretation on it
 MULTI-LEVEL MEDIUMSHIP   ‘But I don’t speak to dead   amazing.  because it’s always going to   the true essence of the spirit.
       people, I don’t do that!’ I said.
                                                           be wrong. Give the message.
       I never thought any more of
                                                                                     to do everyday things—
       it and before I knew I was   What is the best piece of   I always say: ‘Get what you   Have you ever been trying
 An Interview with Lisa Williams   having these experiences.   advice you’ve received?   get and don’t be upset.’  muggle things—and your
                                                                                     abilities have complicated
       What do you love about    There are a couple of     Have you ever encountered   or added a degree of
 By Nic Skuja     Photos by Suzi Karim
       what you do? What brings   things. My grandmother   any challenging           difficulty to proceedings?
       you the most joy?         gave me a piece of advice,   experiences with Spirit?
                                 which I’ve always stood by:                         It happens every day. I can
       It’s hard to say one thing. For   ‘Always trust your gut instinct   I’ve never really had any   be driving and something
       me I think it’s everything. It’s   because it will never let   major difficulties. I wrote   random will pop up or I
       the connection I have with   you down.’ And my mentor   about one that my son had;   can be washing up. I often
       Spirit, it’s the connection I   Merv Griffin said to me,   it freaked him out at home. It   get random stuff when I’m
       have with people, it’s the   ‘Never refuse a photograph,   was like a black energy that   cleaning my teeth. Suddenly
       messages that come through,   autograph, hug or handshake   came through the house. But   these ideas will come up,
       it’s the way it all combines.   because those people keep   then, once I communicated   especially when I’m teaching.
       It’s the teaching, the way I   you where you are.’ That   with it and found out the   It does happen, and I guess
       see people blossom, the way   kept me humble. It absolutely   reason why it was coming   it’s normal. I just accept it
       I create teachers who go out   kept me in the space. When   at my son, I realised it was   and move on.
       into the world and then teach   living in LA and you’re going   a spirit that needed to get
       others. Because I do such   around having dinner with   a message to someone’s   How do you maintain your
       a vast multitude of things,   the Osbournes or having   family.               energy when reading and
       it’s hard to pinpoint. I’m also   drinks with Slash from Guns                 working in front of large
       vice president of Lily Dale in   N’ Roses, it can go to your   Spirits don’t give me the   groups?
       New York State in the US,   head. LA can go to your   problems, it’s actually the
       which is the largest centre   head.                 living that give me the   A lot of people ask,
       for Spiritualism in the world.                      problems. The living go, ‘I   especially when I’m teaching,
       There’s nothing I don’t enjoy   What advice can you share   don’t know,’ then later I find   how I do four readings a day.
       about my life. If things get a   with our readers?   out I’m right because they   I’m like, ‘Listen, you don’t go
       little overwhelming, I sit back                     haven’t done their homework   to the gym and start picking
       and re-evaluate, and I’m in   Be humble, be thankful and   or have got psychic amnesia.   up the heaviest weight.
       that process now where I’m   grateful.              I’ve never really had any   You don’t start running four

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