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            In Two Worlds

            Interview with Kathleen Kelsey

            By Peta Morphett

                     athleen Kelsey    what the recognition has
                     is the 2018       done has made me realise
                     recipient of the   the importance and benefit
                     Psychic Hall of   of being part of a larger
           K Fame Award. I             network of colleagues and
            got to know Kathleen at    a professional organisation
            the Golden Gala Awards     that helps to bring about
            Dinner, in Canberra,       the recognition of psychics
            where we talked about our   and mediums. We need
            mutual interests in psychic   more than ever to have a
            development and divination.   brave and disciplined face in
            Kathleen is a fascinating   society. We should strive for
            person. Here is a little of   ethical standards and a code
            her story.                 of conduct. Moving forwards,
                                       I will prompt more of my
            Peta: Congratulations on   colleagues to join the IPA;
            the accolade of the 2018   one for its professionalism
            Psychic Hall of Fame       and integrity, and two to
            Award. How did winning     have a social, sharing
            this award make you feel   network of like-minded
            and what impact do you     people.
            think it will have on your
            work?                      Peta: How did you come to
            Kathleen: Receiving
            the award certainly        Kathleen: I was raised
            uplifted me. To have the   in a violent household
            acknowledgment of my       where religion was forceful   Peta Morphett and Kathleen Kelsey at the 2018 Golden Gala Awards
                                                                    Dinner in Canberra.  Photo by Carly Taylor
            peers reminds me that I    and frightening, and very
            do not journey alone or    contradictory to what I
            without validity. It is often   innately felt. It was only   After meeting with a   I.’ I couldn’t ignore it as I
            isolating work because you   when my father died that   childhood friend one day I   could see the most amazing
            have to live and socialise   I had some freedom to   agreed to accompany her   sparking colour around him.
            in circumstances that are   explorer other religions, so I   to a spiritualist church. I   So began my journey. I had
            not with psychics and with   walked through the doors of   had never heard of such   found people who proved
            people not accepting of the   most of them. They all had   a church so was curious.   to me I wasn’t insane and
            gifts. You need to learn how   something good but, to me,   There, the medium read   would enfold me in their
            to live in two worlds and   also a blame-and-shame   for me straight off and said,   midst so I wasn’t an outcast.
            find comfort in both. Really,   theme.               ‘One day you will do as   I had no expectations, just

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