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             2018 People’s Choice                                        2018 Psychic

                          Award                                     Hall of Fame Award

          collaboration between the International Psychics    he Psychic Hall of Fame Award is open to members
       A  Association and the International Psychics Directory,   Tof the International Psychics Association who have
       this award gives our readers the chance to vote for their   demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the psychic field.
       favourite psychic contributor. This could be anyone appearing   Recipients have a minimum of thirty years experience in
       anywhere in the magazine be it in advertising, articles, photos   their craft.
       or otherwise.

                                                                                     withdrawn childhood. She
                                                                   Photo by Carly Taylor
                                                                                     firts attended a Spiritualist
                                                                                     Church in her late teens and
                                                                                     for the first time had some
                                                                                     understanding of her psychic
                                                                                     experience. She learnt from
                                                                                     experience to develop and
                                                                                     work with her natural ability
                                                                                     and began reading and
                                                                                     demonstrating mediumship
                                                                                     at the age of eighteen.
                                                                                     Now in her forty-fifth year
                                                                                     of psychic work, Kathleen
                                                                                     says she is still learning and
                                                                                     loving the journey.

                                                                                     Kathleen runs workshops
                                                                                     for developing psychic
        Simon Turnbull presenting Sharna D’Fern with the Psychic of the Year (SA)    awareness and mediumship
        Award in 2004.
                                                                                     abilities and instils an
                                                                                     ethical standard of conduct
       Sharna D’Fern             in attaining information on the   Kathleen Kelsey   and integrity through her
                                 past, present and future. For                       lessons. She currently
       Sharna is an evidential,   this award, Sharna received   As a child, her psychic   runs a Spiritualist Centre in
       channelling spirit medium,   a huge number of votes from   ability helped Kathleen   her hometown in Western
       which she describes as being   her clients in Australia and   keep herself and her   Australia and has helped
       a ‘voice escort’ between two   in the United Kingdom. She   siblings safe in a violent   a large number of people
       worlds. She sees and hears   is one of South Australia's   household. However,   through her psychic
       those on the other side with   most celebrated mediums,   knowing when someone   mediumship gift for over forty
       her physical eyes and ears.   was previously awarded the   wasn’t being truthful or   years. Kathleen continues to
       Her abilities are part of her   Psychic of the Year (SA) 2004   when something was going   give public demonstrations
       genetic inheritance and she is   and was inducted into the   to happen without being   at spiritualist centres and
       recognised for her accuracy   Psychic Hall of Fame in 2015.   believed led to a lonely and   charity fundraisers.

       visions’ and as a teenager   Health; Master Mental
       this progressed to reading   Health Nursing; Grad Dip
       for friends, family and others.   Hypnotherapy (Clinical);
       Linet used her sensitivities   Grad Dip Management; Grad
       to enable the best possible   Cert Nursing (Forensic);
       outcome in her forensic and   Grad Cert (Small Business
       mental health work when   Management); Certificate
       assisting police. She was   IV in Workplace Training
       able to draw on her skills   & Assessment; Certified
       to understand what was    Spiritual Ordained Minister;
       happening for a client when   Professional Member of
       they presented as unwell.  the International Psychics
       Qualifications: PhD (Pastoral
       Counseling); Master Primary
                                                             Dr Linet Amalie and Doreen Van Boxtel at the Golden Gala IPA Awards
                                                             Dinner in Canberra. Photo by Carly Taylor.

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