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       The What,

       Where and When

       of Divine Timing

       by Narelle Scurr
            s psychic or card    Seeds are being planted now,
            readings go, once we   you will reap their harvest later.
       Ahave established an      2. Building. Development. A
       outcome or probable course   time for companionship and
       for the energy around a
       situation or the ‘what’ and    partnership. A decision about
       ‘how’, the next question is   an action. Duality. Choices.
       usually ‘where’ or ‘when’.   3. Freedom. Exploration.
       Sometimes after asking the   Socialising. Express your
       ‘when’ question our guides may   creativity. Time and fate. The
       give us a number relating to   development of plans. The first
       dates and or timelines. At other   stages of completion.  For this method, reduce the numbers to a single digit. For example,
       times we may turn to a tarot   4. Work and development.   11 (1+1) becomes 2, 23 (2+3) becomes 5, and 30 (3+0) becomes 3.
       or oracle deck. The numbers   Organisation and logic. Build
       on the card can signify timing.   your resources. Consolidation.   9. Completion and transition.   understanding your fear, you
       The way the cards fall into our   Keep busy.        Attainment. Time to let go.   will have an easier time of
       favourite layout or spread can                      Release the burden. Prepare   letting go of it. In turn, you will
       also give us answers.     5. Surprises. Change.     for new beginnings. All other   become more patient and
                                 Opportunity. Chance. Look for   numbers are summed up in   can focus on the process of
       The meanings can be as    adventure. Networking and   this.                   transformation. Time then
       simple as one week, one   mingling. Half way there.
       month or one year. However,                         10. You are still caught in the   becomes your friend.
       your progression along a path   6. Contentment. Attracting the   endings. It’s the end of the   Once you understand how to
       or phase, or ‘where’ you are   positive both emotionally and   journey. The next stage is a   use universal timing to your
       in the layout, can also signify   materially. Harmony within the   higher level.   advantage, you will feel the
       how far or close you are to the   family and the home. Balance                surging current is flowing from
       resolution or goal.       and stability.            Life can feel like a constant   behind you, ushering you
                                                           battle with time. Trying to
       Here is an easy reference   7. Reflection and refinement.   work against divine timing   forward in the right direction.
       guide to interpret the timing or   Study and analysis. A new   is like trying to swim against   Timing is everything, and
       energy around questions and   approach is required to   a very strong current. Our   everything in time.
       situations. For this method,   achieve a goal. Planning.   unwillingness to face present
       reduce card numbers to a   Wisdom. Perfection.      circumstances can cause us
       single digit.             Completeness.             to struggle. Fear is usually   Narelle Scurr was voted
       1. The beginning – an idea.   8. Power and accomplishment.   what is driving our impatience.   Australian Psychic of the Year
                                                           The best thing to do is to stop
       Action. Creative power.   Seize the opportunities.   and examine those fears and   2014. She is the creator of The
       Individuality. A need to forge   Problem solving. Regeneration.   understand what it is that is   Rhythm of Life oracle deck.
       ahead, take charge and lead.   Expect tangible results.                       Visit her at
                                                           truly pressuring you. By better
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