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                                                                                           moving to see these gentle
                                                                 THE NEAR FUTURE?
                                                                                           giants following the moonlight
                                                                 Certainly. Where I sat was   and surviving all adversities
                                                                 next to the main stage and   to give life. All mothers, either
                                                                 the organisers noticed that   human or animal, are incred-
                                                                 something was going on    ibly precious!
                                                                 there. People were waiting
                                                                 in a queue, talking. They   WHERE ARE YOU
                                                                 invited me to the stage, gave
                                                                 me a microphone and asked   OFF TO NEXT?
                                                                 me to give readings to the
                                                                 crowd. It was incredible to talk   Egypt and Turkey.
                                                                 and try to help people from
                                                                 every corner of the planet. The
            from over thirty countries. With   ence immensely.   organisers took my contact   WHAT’S IN THE CUP
            overseas clients, language is                        details and asked if I would go
            the key; not everyone speaks                         back next year.           FOR YOU IN 2018?
            English. As well as Turkish   WHAT WERE YOUR                                   My vlog, or ‘video book’ as I
            and English I can converse in   HIGHLIGHTS?                                    call it. Many come to me with
            German, and these days I am                          HOW WAS YOUR              issues related to their private
            working on my Greek and Ara-  Sitting in the main camp in the                  lives. Over the years, I have
            bic to be able to reach more   morning I gave readings one   TRIP TO MEXICO    done studies in marriage
            people. I love languages and   after another. I met a young   AND YOUR         and relationship counsel-
            other cultures, so everywhere   American couple. After their                   ling, shamanism and spiritual
            has something to offer.    reading the man burst into   EXPERIENCE             development. My glass is now
                                       tears. He had thought he was   VISITING THE         full and it is time to share.
                                       a bad person because of the                         This is not psychic medium
            HOW WAS THE                                          TEMPLES AND
                                       violence occurring in Afghani-                      reading, it just outlines the
            BURNING MAN?               stan during his time there as   SACRED SITES?       rules of a successful marriage
                                       a soldier. I had helped him                         and union. Soon, I will launch
            This is where people stay for a   overcome his guilt. Another   I feel enlightened about the   this project on my website and
            week in the desert in Nevada.   man was suffering in his mar-  Mayan culture; my partner   social media.
            This year there were seventy   riage because his mother-in-  and I were curious about
            thousand participants from all   law had moved into his home   the Chichen Itza and Tulum
            around the world. CEOs, stu-  causing a big rift. I explained   pyramids. We learnt a lot   Learn more about
            dents, backpackers, business-  his options, and he was grate-  about how the locals created   Deniz Batuk at www.
            men, artists, young and old.  ful to hear there was hope to   their civilisations and lived
                                       heal his union with his beloved   their faiths. It was fascinating.
                                       wife. One day, a glamorous,   To me the most sacred place   A lifetime student of the
            WHAT TOOK YOU              tall transgender lady came   and temple is our inner world.   esoteric and metaphysical,
            TO BURNING MAN             to me. She was also Turkish,   When I talk to my clients I get   Nic Skuja is a self-styled,
                                       and we talked in my mother   an insight about their lives,   globetrotting mystic. She
            THIS YEAR?                 tongue—far far away from   which is more precious than   feels blessed to have visited
                                       Turkey. She was a beautiful   any physical journey in this
            First my partner wanted to go,   soul. I remember giving advice   world.       many sacred sites and to
            but in the end we went as a   about how she could locate                       have had the opportunity
            group of four people. When   the right person for her.  In Mexico, my personal   to study under many New
            I was there, I realised many                                                   Age luminaries. Nic is a
            people go to grieve after los-                       highlight was Mother Nature   gifted clairvoyant and energy
                                                                 herself, in Tulum, observing
            ing someone or a break-up   DO YOU SEE                                         worker and is a member of
            and to heal and burn their                           giant Caretta caretta [log-  the IPA.
                                                                 gerhead] turtles coming to the
            sorrow. I gifted my readings   A RETURN TO
            there and enjoyed this experi-  BURNING MAN IN       beach to lay their eggs. It was
                           Psychic Andrew Warnes

                            Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012
                  Get your life direction, up-coming challenges and
                     emotional pain unzipped in just 60 minutes.
               Find out how to clear your path and where to turn next.
          •  Psychic Readings              “Andrew is a very intuitive man. Surpasses
          •  Psychic Development           every other reading I  have ever had.
                                           Tells it  straight  and  I will be back  time
          •  Personal Development          and time again.  Phenomenal.”-  Judy H.

                                  Phone  1300 460 333
                   Andrew is based in Sunny Cental Brisbane. He works with clients
                          thoughout Australian and around the world.
                          Free 21-day Video Course Now Online at

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