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       I interpret for the first client   are informed about my   HOW IS COFFEE      I sample the best coffee from
       of the next morning. The   services beforehand, rather                        various regions. I collect an-
       relevance is always there.   than someone who wishes to   READING             tique coffee cups to make the
       For example, the other    have a reading on impulse. I   DIFFERENT?           experience something memo-
       night I dreamt about a sad   do not work that way. It is not                  rable. At the age of forty-five I
       gentleman; I could see his   advised for people younger   The main difference is you   still get excited. I feel like I’m
       face. The next morning my   than eighteen, or for clients   taste your coffee from a cup   twenty when I am about the
       customer showed me her    who’ve had alcoholic drinks   you touch. By your sense of   give readings. Works better
       husband’s photo; it was him.  just beforehand as I need   taste and touch you become   than botox for me!
                                 their full attention.     part of it; your energy con-
                                                           nects. Still, in the end, it is up
       ARE THERE ANY                                                                 WHAT ARE SOME OF
                                 WHAT KIND OF              to the psychic medium how
       RULES?                                              to interpret it. Tarot, coffee,   YOUR FAVOURITE
                                 SYMBOLS ARE YOU           crystals—all forms of read-
       Yes, and I can be picky.                            ings—give accurate results   COFFEE-READING
       Look, the client has every   LOOKING FOR            if you can build a connection   MEMORIES?
       right to be choosy as does   WHEN READING?          with your psychic medium.
       the psychic. I do not accept                                                  Out of thousands of readings I
       clients if they are emotion-  Anything really. The initials of                can’t possibly pick favourites.
       ally extremely sensitive. If   a name, a complete name,   WHAT DO YOU         When one of my clients says
       I believe my client will not   career paths, exact locations,   LOVE ABOUT WHAT   hello on the street or when
       be able to cope with what   cities, diseases, deceased                        I receive an email from an
       I am going to say, I would   people and their attributes.   YOU DO?           overseas client out of the blue,
       rather cancel the session.   Shapes can come as a                             I feel happy.
       The person must be ready,   heart, number, tree, letter,   Everything. As a psychic I be-
       willing and open-minded;   dog, bird, house, cloud, sun,   lieve in constant improvement
       otherwise, there is no point.   moon or mountain—nature   and betterment in every single   DID YOU EVER
       I do prefer customers who   gives so many choices.  detail. Beyond my readings,   DREAM IT WOULD

                                                                                     TAKE YOU AROUND
                                                                                     THE WORLD?
                                                                                     No, not at all. It all happened
 COFFEE CUP of DESTINY                                                               naturally.

                                                                                     DO YOU HAVE
 Interview by Nic Skuja    Images by Suzi Karim
                                                                                     A FAVOURITE
                                                                                     WHERE WORK AND
                                                                                     YOUR LOVE OF
                                                                                     TRAVEL MEET?
                                                                                     I love Istanbul, Sydney,
                                                                                     London, LA, Berlin and Paris.
                                                                                     So far, my line of work has
                                                                                     taken me from Istanbul to
                                                                                     Europe, America, and finally to
                                                                                     Australia. Thanks to technol-
                                                                                     ogy and Skype, I have clients

         Clairvoyance From Renowned Psychic Amie Vello

               Accuracy for Past, Present and Future

        Hi, my name’s Amie! I have always had the gift of clairvoyance and mediumship, but started using
        it  more  acutely  after  my  son  passed.  I  have  been  a  professional  medium  for  eleven  years.  I  read
        photos, jewellery, and do face-to-face, phone and email readings. Connect with me on my website
        where  you  will  find  links  to  my  Facebook  and  Twitter  accounts  as  well  as  client  testimonials.  I
        am  in  a  wheelchair  and  working  with  spirit  is  so  rewarding.  I  look  forward  to  hearing  from  you.
            Excellent at what she does - Interesting, surprising & accurate information
                  Very switched on - Just the help I needed - Now I believe!
                    Very gifted - Can relate to everything - Beautiful lady
                  Thank you for your clarity - Good vibes - Got me to a tee!

          Amie Vello • Adelaide, SA • Ph: +61 408 806 778 •

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