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            COFFEE CUP of DESTINY

            Interview by Nic Skuja    Images by Suzi Karim

               recently had            made guest appearances on   left by the coffee grounds. It   ability. Why could not they
               the wonderful           a number of TV and radio   is huge in Turkey, Greece,   see they were about to make
               opportunity to catch    shows.                    the Balkans including Serbia,   a mistake? As a kid it was
            I up with the very                                   Croatia and the whole former   annoying to watch people
            charming Deniz Batuk,      Deniz started his career   Yugoslavia, the Middle East,   taking wrong paths. I used
            the 2016 IPA Psychic       in Turkey and has over    Russia, and the Caucasian   to guide people and this is
            People’s Choice Award      twenty-one years of industry   states like Armenia, Azerbai-  how it grew. I began Turkish
            recipient. Deniz is a      experience. He specialises   jan and Georgia.       coffee cup readings in my
            truly global psychic and   in Turkish coffee cup reading                       high school years in Istanbul.
            has recently returned      (tasseography) and conducts   The aim in readings is not   It is part of my culture. I did
            from engagements in        water reading (hydromancy).  just talking about one-way   my first reading for my best
            Mexico and the United                                fate, but how you can im-  friend and, through word of
            States of America where    We had a great chat. I had a   prove your chances and find   mouth, it snowballed.
            he presented at this       few questions about coffee   the best option in life. I lay
            year’s Burning Man         reading, his time at Burning   out all good and bad options.
            Festival in Nevada.        Man and what’s in store for   The choice is yours in the   DO YOU HAVE A
                                       him in 2018.              end.                      SPECIAL PROCESS
            Deniz is a psychic medium
            based in Sydney. His busi-                                                     YOU FOLLOW?
            ness, coffeecupreadingson-  WHAT IS COFFEE           HOW DID YOU GET           I practise shamanism, so
  , offers a variety of   READING?             STARTED?                  first I empathise with my
            services for people all over                                                   client through drum and bell
            the world. Deniz offers face-  It is like an alphabet, it talks   I started when I was a   sounds and then I close my
            to-face psychic medium and   to me. Next time you drink   child. The intuition was   eyes to focus. Sometimes
            coffee cup readings from his   your coffee in a white cup   always there. I used to give   I get a vision, then I open
            premises in Newtown. He    look inside after finishing it.   guidance to my parents,   the coffee cup and talk, talk,
            does phone readings, online   You will notice coffee residue   grandparents and school   talk. I then answer questions
            readings via Skype and     building shapes, particularly   friends on finance, love   about this world and beyond.
            email, face and photo read-  if it is black Turkish-style   relationships, business deals   Usually, the night before, I
            ings, as well as functions   coffee. It is an ancient way of   and friendships. I thought   have strange dreams which
            and events. Deniz has also   divination using the shapes   everyone had the same

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