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                                                                                             2018 International Psychics
                                                                                             Proudly Published by
                                                                                             Metier Media Pty Ltd
                                                                                             PO BOX 6019
                                                                                             Mitchelton QL D 4053
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                    few off-notes can                                              
                    detract from a song,                                                     ACN 102878900
                    but if they are part
            A of an uplifting and                                                            In consultation with Hiromi
                                                                                             Mitsuya and
            joyous performance, I am                                                         The International Psychics
            more than willing to forgive                                                     Association Pty Ltd
            them. If I am really engaged,                                                    (ACN: 164 036 757)
            or in the flow, I might not                                                      PO Box 3066,
            even notice. The same is                                                         Eastlakes NSW 2018
                                                                                             P:  61 (2) 9368 1177
            true for psychic readings. I                                                     www.internationalpsychicsassoc
            don’t expect a hundred per                                             
            cent accuracy, but I do want
            to experience an enriching                                                       In Loving Memory
            connection with the reader.                                                      of Simon Turnbull
            Just because a singer hits                                                       Production Manager:
            all the right notes, it doesn’t                                                  Leela J Williams
            mean I have to like their song.
            Likewise, an accurate reading                                                    Design: Marcin Ciez
            can leave you feeling off-key,                                                   P: 0414 34 55 11
            and you don’t have to listen.
                                                                                             Copy Editor: Jeanette Hartnack
            We all have innate abilities.
            Not everyone feels the                                                           Cover Image:
            need to sing, and nor                                                            Deniz Batuk
            does everyone need to be                                                         by Suzi Karim
            psychic. Those that do take
            their intuition further will                                                     Copyright Notice: All rights
            have their own reason for                                                        reserved. No part of this
            doing so. They may want                                                          publication may be used,
            to explore human potential,   self-importance. Both can   We strive to present   reproduced or transmitted in
                                                                                             any form without prior written
            better understand their    be accurate psychics, but   guidance, raise awareness,   consent of the publishers.
            relationships, or be more   one will leave you hopeful,   offer insight and provide
            prepared for the future. There   prepared and wiser.   support for your exploration   Disclaimer: Without prejudice.
            will also be those who want                          of all things psychic. We   While every care has been taken
            to have control over what   I am very proud to present the   also encourage you to be   the publishers do not accept any
                                                                                             responsibility for the accuracy
            happens or be somehow      2018 International Psychics   discerning and mindful of the   of our content. Information and
            elevated above others.     Directory, and trust you will   IPA’s Code of Ethics. Whether   views expressed by advertisers
                                       find inspiring, empowering   you want to join the chorus   and contributors do not
            Whether someone wants      information within its pages.   of talented professional   necessarily reflect the views of
            power or empowerment       This magazine is brought   psychics or are seeking an   the publishers. Content provided
                                                                                             as general information only. The
            impacts on how they engage   together in conjunction with   audience for guidance, it is   publishers take no responsibility
            with their friends, clients   the International Psychics   our hope this directory helps   should you choose to act on
            and colleagues. People     Association and is an     you find the beauty in your   advice given.
            are people, even when      extension of their aim to ‘unite   own song and harmony in
            they are psychic. There are   and promote psychics, to   your world.             If you would like to participate
                                                                                             in the 2019 International
            those who want to raise the   clarify professional conduct                       Psychics Directory,
            consciousness of humanity   by providing a means of   Love and laughter,         contact us at
            so that we may create      accreditation and to share an   Leela       
            peace. And, there are those   ethical approach to psychic
            who want to advance their   experiences.’                                          “Do your little
                                                                                                 bit of good
                                                                                              where you are;
                                                                                               it’s those little
                                 WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE PSYCHIC?                               bits of good put
             Vote for any psychic appearing in this directory @  together that
              The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the 2018 IPA Awards Dinner   overwhelm the
                   Join us on Facebook or visit for details.  – Desmond Tutu

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