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       Page 4       Editor’s Welcome
 Train in an Acclaimed International School   Page 5   IPA in Review  Your Psychic Guide to 2018

 of Psychic Healing, Holistic & Spiritual Hypnotherapy  Page 9   Why, What, Where, and WHEN?   Page 28   Catch the Vibe with
                    Narelle Scurr on Divine Timing

                                                                                  Sharina’s Lucky Numbers
       Page 10      IPA Psychic of the Year Awards
 ELISABETH JENSEN’S     Page 18   Meet the 2017 Winners              Page 32      Your Year by the Stars

                                                                                  Astrology by Kelli Fox
                    Gifts from the Gifted
 AUSET TEMPLE HEALING    Page 19   Enter our Monthly Prize Draws     Page 38      Yearning for Peace in 2018
                    New Vogue Mediumship
                                                                                  Numerology by Robin Stein

                    Katy-K Goes to Spirit Boot Camp

 and CENTRE FOR   Page 26   Dreams of Gaia: A Creation Story         Page 42      Tomorrow’s News Today
                      A glimpse into the inspired process of                      Our Top Predictions

 Join Elisabeth for her   Page 6   Your Coffee Cup of Destiny
                    Nic Skuja chats with Deniz Batuk about
 10th Sacred Journey to Egypt in November 2018   tasseography, travel and 2018.

 for Private Initiations in the Great Pyramid   Page 12   Journey to the Mars Effect
                    Simon Turnbull: One very important point
 & the Temple of Isis/Auset   was that no one has a monopoly on chart
 plus visit the Ancient Sleep Temples of Healing.  interpretation.
       Page 22      Seeing the Sunny Side of the Full Moon
                    Leela Williams: When the moon is in
 Author of AUSET EGYPTIAN ORACLE   opposition to the sun, it is up to us to find

 Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards  balance within their opposing forces.
       Page 24      Connecting to the Universal Wide Web
                    Elisabeth Jensen: A huge amount of wisdom
                    is available if you wish to access it, but
                    however interesting a message seems, it is
                    important to clarify the source before acting on

       Page 40      Ready, Set, Psychic!
                      Suzanne Newnham: Is there more to offering
                    readings than being psychic?

         Do It Yourself Psychic                                                           BONUS CONTENT
                                                                                          DIGITAL EDITION
         Page 14      Permission to Shine
 Elisabeth Jensen is a former Reg Nurse and a Counsellor with a   Tracey Nichols: Have you ever suspected some people have a   PAGES 43 to 48
 Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP  magic touch when it comes to manifesting a better life? Creating   Your Home & Numerology

 Australian Psychic of Year 2010 & IPA Psychic Ambassador 2013  what you want is easier when you give yourself permission.   Own & Hone Your Skills
         Page 16      Expand Your Senses
 Elisabeth is based in Brighton, SA        Natalee Finn: Tips for accelerating your psychic development.   Be spirited away: The Red
 Teaching in Melbourne, Singapore, Malaysia & Sri Lanka in 2018  Page 41   Your Readings, Your Responsibilities   Centre & Agios Achilles
 Phone 0427 526 894   Francis Bevan: As a professional reader you will find yourself      Near Death Experience  dealing with people from all walks of life. They all deserve a   with Linet Amalie
                      respectful, sensible, unbiased reading.                             Ley Lines: Explained in

                                                                                          thirty seconds.                                                                                      3
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