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       still have trouble manifesting
       the life they want. They                                                 Crown chakra
       might be successful most of                                              just above the head - violet - divine
       the time, but still have that                                            connection, spiritual development
       one area they can’t seem to
       shift or change. The missing                                             Brow chakra
       ingredient is permission.
                                                                                between the eyes in the middle of the
       You need to give yourself                                                forehead - indigo - intuition
       permission to attract,
       manifest, create and have                                                Throat chakra
       what you want or to release                                              throat area - sky blue - communication,
       whatever is holding you                                                  life purpose
       back. Affirming that you are
       abundant and retraining
       your thinking and self-talk                                              Heart chakra
       is a great place to start.                                               the middle of the chest - green - love,
       However, it won’t have                                                   forgiveness, compassion, release
       the full impact if there is a
       permission block preventing                                              Solar plexus chakra
       you from manifesting that                                                below the ribcage - yellow - self-worth,
       better life.
                                                                                inner strength, confidence, achievement
       Permission blocks may
       have formed in a past life,                                              Sacral chakra
       in childhood or through a                                                below the navel - orange - happiness,
       situation that made you feel                                             vitality, sensualit
       undeserving or unworthy.
       Healing or clearing the solar   Image from the Dreams
       plexus chakra can help with   of Gaia Tarot Deck                         Base chakra
       worthiness issues. You can   by Ravynne Phelan.                          base of the spine - red - finance, career or
       do this by breathing yellow   Courtesy of www.                           material desires
       into the solar plexus chakra

    Australian                          Sara King
     Psychic of
       the Year                               PSYCHIC MEDIUM

         2015                     …I sense and see those that have passed…


           Readings on PsychicTV • Free Podcasts on Website

           With the wisdom of hindsight Sara realises that the things
             she knew and the colours she saw as a teenager, were
          really the gifts of being a medium, which she has developed

                 into a fulltime, professional mediumship career.
            With a combination of mediumship, tarot cards and psychometry,
             Sara’s connection with her Guides, gives you a reading of depth
                  and insight enabling you to move forward in your life.

      Sara lives in Orange NSW, reading locally for country and outback NSW as well as doing phone and
   Skype readings around Australia. She teaches classes and workshops to help others develop their intuition
                and psychic ability and Sara visits homes to clear houses of spooky visitors.
             j Personal, phone, Skype or group readings j Classes and Workshops
        j Psychic readings for love, career, business j Clearing houses of spooky visitors
                    j Mediumship readings to connect you with those passed

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