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       the meaning of Venus with the   the Committee for the Scientific
       meaning of Uranus when looking   Investigation of Claims of the
       at an aspect between them, but   Paranormal, their researcher
       interpret it in your own individual   wrote back a report that stated
       manner. By doing so you made   their test came out in Gauquelin’s
       the astrology reading your own,   favour. For those with a strong
       no longer a carbon copy of what   stomach, what follows is part of
       another astrologer had written   a blow-by-blow description—
       down in a book. That was very   which appears in Wikipedia
       revealing to me, and helped me   (‘Mars effect’, 2017, ‘The Zelen
       later on with tarot reading as   test’, paras 5–7)—of the tussle
       well. Alan these days sells more   involved in everyone’s attempt to
       astrology books worldwide than   get at the ‘truth’:
       any other author. He deserves all
       his success.              In 1975 Paul Kurtz’s journal
                                 The Humanist published an
       I kept on learning all I could   article on astrology criticizing
       about astrology, and in 1983   Gauquelin, to which the latter and
       I was asked to appear on a   his wife Françoise responded.   Simon Turnbull and Garry Wiseman at an APA Christmas Party.
       current affairs TV show on   Then Professor Marvin Zelen,
       New Year’s Eve, to discuss the   a statistician and associate of
       value of astrology in predicting   the recently founded Committee   stating that Zelen’s test had   purpose of the control test,
       the future for the coming year.   for the Scientific Investigation   come out in the Gauquelins’   which was to check the base
       The producers had also asked   of Claims of the Paranormal   favour. The Gauquelins also   rate of births with Mars in the
       a sceptic, Harry Edwards, to   (CSICOP, now known as the   performed the test that Professor   “key” sectors. It appeared to him
       appear on the show so we   Committee for Skeptical Inquiry   Zelen had proposed and carried   that the test had minimised the
       could debate our points of   (CSI)), proposed in a 1976   out and found that the chance   significance of the Mars/key-
       view. Many sceptics were very   article in the same periodical   Mars-in-key-sector expectation   sector correlations with athletes
       closed-minded when it came to   that, in order to eliminate any   for the general population (i.e.,   by splitting the sample of athletes
       psychic matters as they thought   demographic anomaly, Gauquelin   non-champions) was about   and that the experimenters, who
       all psychics were frauds, or self-  randomly pick 100 athletes from   17%, significantly less than   were supposed to be upholding
       deluded at best.          his data-set of 2,088 and check   the 22% observed for athletic   scientific standards, were actually
                                 the birth/planet correlations of   champions. However the   distorting and manipulating
       I pointed out how a report by   a sample of babies born at the   subsequent article by Zelen,   evidence to conceal the result of
       some US sceptics had been   same times and places in order   Abell and Kurtz did not clearly   an ill-considered test.
       doctored to distort the truth   to establish a control group,   state this outcome but rather
       about the Mars effect. French   giving the base-rate (chance)   questioned the original data.   Further changes were made
       astrologer, Michel Gauquelin,   expectation for comparison   In a rebuttal of the Gauquelins’   to these original tests until
       had found that the planet Mars   (The 100 random athletes later   published conclusion, Marvin   eventually the sceptics felt they
       was prominently placed in the   expanded into a subsample of   Zelen analysed the composition,   could say that the Gauquelins
       birth charts of champion sports   303 athletes).    not of the 17,000 non-champions   were in error. But I do not feel this
       people. The statistics proved his                   of the control group, but of the   is so. Despite concerted efforts
       point; but when they were looked   In April 1977 CSICOP researcher   303 champions, splitting this   by sceptics to show the contrary,
       at by a sceptical group called   George O. Abell wrote to Kurtz   secondary subsample (which   the Mars effect is a legitimate test
                                                           was already nearly too small to   that shows astrology is a valid
                                                           test 22% vs. 17%) by eliminating   analytical process.
                                                           female athletes, a subgroup that
                                                           gave the results most favourable
                                                           to Gauquelin, and dividing the   *A previously unpublished
                                                           remaining athletes into city/  excerpt from Simon Turnbull’s
                                                           rural sections and Parisian/non-  memoirs, God in a Chip.
                                                           Parisian sections.
                                                                                     Simon Turnbull (1950-2014)
                                                           Before and after publication   co-founded of the Australian
                                                           of Zelen’s results astronomer
                                                           and charter CSICOP member   Psychics Association in 1983,
                                                           Dennis Rawlins, the CSICOP   the Psychics Directory in
                                                           Council’s only astronomer at   2005 and the International
                                                           the time, repeatedly objected to   Psychics Association in 2013.
                                                           the procedure and to CSICOP’s   Simon was a charismatic
                                                           subsequent reportage of it.   and passionate presence
                                                           Rawlins privately urged that   in the psychic arena for
                                                           the Gauquelins’ results were   four decades and made an
                                                           valid and the “Zelen test” could   extensive contribution to the
                                                           only uphold this and that Zelen   field.
                                                           had diverted from the original

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