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            Journey to

            the Mars Effect

            Simon Turnbull

             “One very important point he made was

               that no one had a monopoly on chart
             interpretation. You used your intuition
                 to describe what you felt the whole

                               chart was saying.”

               began to study astrology   particular, so I made a mental   to an hour to finish calculating a   to go to a talk at the Federation
               around 1971. I recall going   note to check it out after he had   horoscope. No wonder personal   of Australian Astrologers. He said
               to our local theosophical   left the shop. I was too shy to go   charts by a professional astrologer   in passing that the talk was being
               bookshop, known as the   up and introduce myself at the   were so expensive.  given by an American astrologer
           I Adyar Bookshop, back      time.                                               by the name of Alan Oken. I said
            in the day. There I would   After he left, I went and picked   Over time I became quite   I’d be there for sure.
                                                                 proficient at preparing and
            meet many of the prominent   up the book he had bought for   interpreting people’s birth charts.   The talk was great, and after
            psychics of the time looking   himself. It was Alan Oken’s   In between working as a singer, I   the show Garry and I got to
            at the latest books about their   Complete Astrology. I bought   prepared horoscopes for people   talking to Alan. As he didn’t know
            field of interest.         the book and devoured it until I   through word of mouth. I then   too many people in Sydney
                                       had digested everything I could   began teaching to students   he agreed to come with us
            One particularly well-known   on the subject. As there were no   one on one. That really was   to the Cosmopolitan Cafe in
            astrologer, who wrote in a major   computers available in those days   how I got started working semi-  Double Bay, and spent the night
            women’s magazine, was a fellow   to help with accurate calculations   professionally as a psychic.  discussing astrology. One very
            by the name of Richard Sterling.   of a birth chart, one had to learn          important point he made was
            I remember when I first spied   logarithms in order to do this   One day, Garry Wiseman, a   that no one had a monopoly on
            him; he was looking through the   time-consuming task efficiently.   friend of mine with whom I would   chart interpretation. You used
            astrology section for the latest   I acquired Margaret Hone’s The   later co-found the Australian   your intuition to describe what
            tomes on his subject. I caught   Modern Text-Book of Astrology to   Psychics Association, gave me a   you felt the whole chart was
            him checking out one book in   help me do this. It could take up   call. He asked me if I would like   saying. So you could combine

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