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            PSYCHIC                           2017 Psychic of the Year Award

            OF THE

            YEAR                            he Psychic of the Year Award is voted on by the members of the
                                            International Psychics Association, so the recipients have the honour
            AWARDS                     Tof having their work recognised by their peers. To be entitled to receive
                                       an IPA Psychic of the Year Award, you must be a full member for three
                                       consecutive years. The winner for 2017 is Anna Comerford.

                  he psychic
                  awards were                                                  Anna’s mission in life is to show that the
                                                                               power of love, connection and intuition
            Tintroduced                                                        can greatly impact our lives. As a young
            by the Australian                                                  woman, Anna experienced challenges and
            Psychics Association                                               pain, and spent many years learning and
            in 2004 and this                                                   healing herself. She continues to learn,
                                                                               grow and embrace life, and feels privileged
            tradition continues                                                to have been able to help thousands of
            with the International                                             others too.
            Association. The                                                   Anna has designed courses, three of which
            annual awards                                                      are accredited through IICT (International
                                                                               Institute for Complementary Therapists),
            acknowledge the                                                    to teach school teachers, students and
            outstanding among                                                  parents about neuroscience, mindfulness
            an extraordinary                                                   and peace. She also has approval to teach
            group of people.                                                   a neuroscience, food and health webinar,
                                                                               expected to reach health professionals
                                                                               around Australia in 2018.

                                                                               Her two books, Palmistry Power and The
                                                                               Spiritual Guidebook, cover topics such
                                                                               as opening the third eye, chakras, tarot,
                                                                               mediumship, crystals, automatic writing,
                                       Anna Comerford                          auras, scrying, psychometry, Akashic
                                                                               records, shamanism, totem animals and
                                       As well as having bachelor degrees in   quantum physics.
                                       education and health science, Anna is a
                                       psychic medium, naturopath, nutritionist,   Anna is a great ambassador for psychics in
                                       herbalist, author, crystal healer, shaman,   Australia. She is passionate about linking
                                       reiki master, hypnotherapist, past life   science and spirituality in ways that are
                                       regressionist, neuropsychotherapist,    easy to comprehend, and believes that
                                       intuitive astrologer, palmist, yoga and   understanding the magic of spirit and how
                                       meditation teacher—her knowledge and    it works in our lives can help us know
                                       experience are second to none.          ourselves and others better.

        Anna is based in Brisbane and is fast becoming one of the most sought after psychic mediums in Australia.  A professional
         member of the International Psychics Association, Anna has read across Australia and Internationally.  Anna has had natural
        psychic ability from a young age and is passionate about helping others through her gifts as a clairvoyant and medium.  As she
        connects via energy, Anna does not need to see clients face-to-face to conduct a reading, nor does she use tarot cards or other
                   divinatory tools, and she does not have her clients tell her any information prior to a reading.
                  Detailed and accurate readings with messages from your past, present and future.
                         Her readings will give you answers, clarity and psychic insight.
         As a medium, Anna connects to departed loved ones as well as pets (living or passed) to give you messages and validations.
          Anna also reads photos by connecting to their energy. Readings are conducted over the telephone, by text message, via
             Facebook Private Message, email and photo only. For online bookings, testimonials and more information visit
                   or phone 0421 376 580.

                                                            Psychic Clairvoyant  Medium
                                                           ★The 21st Century Psychic★
                                                             FACEBOOK/Psychic Guidance by Anna
                                                              Instagram/Psychic Guidance by Anna

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