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            with Sharina Star

            Interview by Nic Skuja

                   harina has many     flaming out and transforming   Working with Alan Jones and   What have you learned
                   strings to her bow.   into something even more   Stan Zemanek on radio. They   along the way?
                   She is a renowned   extraordinary. Here are some   were my mentors. My time on
            Sauthor, radio             of the highlights from our chat:  Beauty and the Beast, that was   I learned how to be a radio
            announcer, entertainer, and                          fabulous. I had three years   announcer. The listeners
            TV personality. She is also   You’ve had an amazing   with Kerri-Ann Kennerley on   thought I was helping them,
            a wedding celebrant, Feng   career spanning over three   and off and a ten-week stint   but really, they were helping
            Shui consultant, intuitive   decades. What have been   on Mornings with Sonia and   me. They helped me get
            counsellor, grief counsellor,   some of your favourite   David. There was Studio 10   through the trauma of being
            private investigator,      highlights?               and, for a bit of fun, being an   attacked when I was younger.
            profiler, actress, model and                         extra on Home and Away, too.   It’s the old story: when you
            volunteer children’s jail   Let’s see, I did commercials                       listen to other people’s
            mentor.                    when I was younger. One of   And, of course, my radio   problems, yours don’t seem
                                       my early jobs was a billboard   show for twenty-seven years.   as bad. And, I don’t mean by
            I don’t think I’ve ever met   for Alpine. And, the modelling   I had lots of celebrities on the   comparison. It is a reminder
            a more fascinating and     agency, that was just a hoot.   show. Jeannie Little, Maria   that we all face challenges
            multifaceted woman. Sharina   We toured with Tropical   Venuti, football players and   and when we listen to others,
            and I had a fantastic chat   Temptations. It was a time of   politicians. It was full-on and   we realise how resilient
            and a good laugh as we     fun, laughter, and rock and   very rewarding.       people can be.
            talked about her prolific and   roll. There were swimwear
            remarkable career to date.   and fashion shows. It was   What do you love about   Always give respect to
            We joked about her being a   in the days of entertainment   what you do?       everyone, whether they’re a
            phoenix as she has grown   in the shopping centres. We                         tea lady or have a lesser job
            through diverse career     did all the centres, and I did   I just love to entertain people.   than yours. You never know,
            opportunities and changes   promotions in the pubs at the   I love communicating and   one day they could be your
            over the years, each phase   same time. It was great.  being creative.         manager.

        Anna is based in Brisbane and is fast becoming one of the most sought after psychic mediums in Australia.  A professional
         member of the International Psychics Association, Anna has read across Australia and Internationally.  Anna has had natural
        psychic ability from a young age and is passionate about helping others through her gifts as a clairvoyant and medium.  As she
        connects via energy, Anna does not need to see clients face-to-face to conduct a reading, nor does she use tarot cards or other
                   divinatory tools, and she does not have her clients tell her any information prior to a reading.
                  Detailed and accurate readings with messages from your past, present and future.
                         Her readings will give you answers, clarity and psychic insight.
         As a medium, Anna connects to departed loved ones as well as pets (living or passed) to give you messages and validations.
           Anna also reads photos by connecting to their energy. Readings are conducted over the telephone, by text message, via
             Facebook Private Message, email and photo only. For online bookings, testimonials and more information visit
                    or phone 0421 376 580.

                                                            Psychic Clairvoyant  Medium
                                                           ★The 21st Century Psychic★
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