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       harder to relax and focus   worth to Spirit. That goes   You also need to trust the   of heightening my energy
       on anything else. So, there   without saying! You do need   connection, the same way   levels and deepening my
       can be many factors that   persistence and practice,   a child trusts a parent. You   spiritual connections. People
       contribute to how fast you   so here are some practical   will learn to recognise the   visit vortexes such as
       connect and the quality of   steps to add to the above, in   presence of Spirit. I feel a   Sedona and Uluru or taking
       the connection. A slow and   no particular order.   tingly warmth on my right   in the energy of Avebury
       tentative connection is a                           side when connecting to my   and the leylines there.
       valid foundation on which to   Before a day of reading   guides and helpers. When   Hawaii is another place with
       grow your ability.        for clients, I meditate and   connecting to the spirit   an amazing energy and
                                 set the intention. That   world, I feel it at the back of   leylines. With each visit,
       I am always progressing,   is, I ask for what I want to   my neck. You will grow more   I feel a definite shift in my
       developing and improving,   achieve, such as a clear and   confident in your ability to   energy. Wherever I travel,
       and I encourage you to do   accurate connection. There   communicate with practice   I always set the intention to
       the same. Don’t worry about   are no set rules about how   and the more knowledge   be protected from negativity
       making grand steps forward   long to meditate. Years ago,   you gain. You need to   and to only absorb the
       or being the best psychic   I would meditate longer and   believe in the process and   positive. Of course, you
       in town. Practice and look   visualise all that I wanted   yourself as you develop.  don’t need to travel far to
       for the easiest and simplest   from my connections. Now,                      visit high energy places. You
       method that works for you.   I keep it simple and ask   Gratitude for your innate   may find a nearby creek,
       I can make a sponge cake   for the best experience. I   psychic ability and the   hidden grove or place of
       with a wooden spoon or    am direct and clear about   presence of Spirit will   devotion will offer spiritual
       a mix master. Neither is   my expectations. You and   raise your vibration and   revival and connection.
       wrong, but I want to be   your guides, angels or spirit   confidence. We all need
       the best that I can be at   helpers are a team and it   to feel appreciated and to   When you feel ready to
       all times, so I choose the   is not rude to communicate   appreciate what we have.   experience heightened
       right tools for me. Preparing   what you want. If you don’t   By being grateful, you   spiritual energy, ask to go
       to become more psychic    ask, then you don’t get!  become open to more for   to the level your body and
       is important, and your                              which you are thankful.   mind can assimilate. Think
       approach will determine how   For the purpose of    Also, when people feel    of this as making sure
       quickly you develop.      developing psychic ability,   appreciated, they can be   your hardware is powerful
                                 meditation involves       motivated to assist more.   enough to accept the new
       I find the best preparation   communicating with the   Your guides interpret your   software. It is not possible
       happens in your head.     spirit world and taking time   gratitude as permission to   to update an old system with
       Fostering the following   to get in touch. Think of it as   help you even further.   advanced software without
       aspects of yourself is a   a telephone call you make                          also upgrading the capacity
       strong place to begin.    to a loved one. The length   Work with tools that   of the hardware. I learnt this
                                 of the call depends on the   talk to you. You can work   very quickly when I visited
                                 individual — everyone is   with tarot, oracle cards,   a temple in Hong Kong and
                                 different. Some of us need   a pendulum, palmistry,   requested an energetic
       Have belief that you      to be told things more    numerology, reiki or different   upgrade without adequate
         can do it, that it is   than once, more in-depth   forms of healing. There are   preparation. I ended up
                                                           so many options! Be open
                                                                                     being very sick for three
                                 information, or are not good
        possible. Believe in     communicators to start with   to trying out new tools and   days, with no energy. Talk
              yourself.          and need a little time to   learning as much as you   about energy overload!
                                 warm up.                  can so you can find the
                                                           divination tools that resonate   In short, you can become
        Have faith that you      When you first learned to   with you.               more psychic by being
          are doing it and       talk, you learned a few                             in the energy, setting the
         will improve with       words at a time so that you   Enhance your knowledge   intention, believing in the
                                                                                     process, trusting in yourself
                                 can retain them. Therefore,
                                                           through books, courses,
              practice.          it can take longer to get the   workshops and discussions   and practising. Read for
                                 point across while you learn   so that you are always   people you don’t know and
       Have the confidence       the language of spirit and   growing your wisdom and   ask for their feedback, so
                                 the person communicating
                                                                                     you can learn how the spirit
                                                           understanding. Surround
           to keep going.        with you works out what you   yourself with people you   world communicates with
                                 are saying, especially when   look up to or have skills   you. With practice comes
                                 it is not clear. The more   you aspire to master. Find   confidence, know-how and
                                 you practice, the better you   a tutor that walks the talk   progress. Without even
       These are essential steps in   get. As we become more   in that they are a practising   realising it, you are already
       becoming more psychic, and   proficient and learn the   psychic. More importantly,   becoming more psychic.
       they could take many years   language, we can say a lot   learn from someone who
       to develop, especially if you   in a short time. Meditating   wants you to achieve and
       don’t believe in yourself.   creates an opportunity for   grow, not someone who   Katy-K is an award-winning
       Self-esteem is more       learning the language and   holds you back.         psychic based in Hervey
       important than you might   how to communicate with                            Bay, Queensland. She is
       realise. I regularly meet   whatever skills or tools   Visit high energy places.   the creator of The Modern
       people who wonder why the   that you have. Remember,   The big Buddha in Phuket is   Oracle and The Modern
       spirit world would want to   you are learning a new   a place I love to visit. When   Oracle of Essential Oils.
       communicate with them. You   language, a new way of   there I receive a blessing   For more information visit
       don’t need to prove your   communicating, so this will   from the monks and
                                 take time.                meditate with the intention

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