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       Workshops, Parties,

       Psychic Things

       By Simon Turnbull

                                                           everyone would dress as up   The Association had a few
                                                           as themselves in a past life.   different premises during
                                                           The who’s who of the psychic   the period when we offered
                                                           and spiritual fields would   classes and workshops, which
                                                           make an appearance. We also   lasted to around 1992. Apart
                                                           attracted celebrities from other   from Edgecliff, we spent a
                                                           fields, such as musicians,   period at Cliff Dorian and Joy
                                                           authors, and artists. It was a   Atkinson’s Spiritual Centre
                                                           fun place to be.          in Randwick. We then had
                                                                                     another shopfront building
                                                           Our first Christmas party   in Paddington opposite the
                                                           was a real hit. We sent out   Town Hall, which is now the
                                                           invitations to the media,   Paddington Cat Hospital.
                                                           who were happy to give us   Some years later, one of our
                                                           a plug from time to time.   cats, Mittens, got catnapped,
                                                           On this particular occasion,   and we searched for months
          Simon Turnbull and Garry Wiseman at an APA Xmas party
                                                           The Sydney Morning Herald   for her. Whoever had taken
                                                           wrote, “You really have to be   her ended up dumping her
                 hen Garry       kept to themselves. Garry and   psychic to go to the Australian   somewhere in the Paddington
                 Wiseman and     I had no such fears, as we   Psychics Association   area. A little old lady found
                 I founded the   saw ourselves as part of the   Christmas Party this year. The   her and took her to the cat
       W Australian              media as well as psychics.   date is given, but nowhere on   hospital. Luckily she had
       Psychics Association, we   The media had been kind   the invitation can we find an   been tagged. When the cat
       did so as a means for     and welcoming to us, and   address!” We had forgotten to   hospital rang us up and gave
       psychics to have a voice,   we knew many experienced,   put in the address of the party,   us the address to pick her up
       predominantly with the media.   intelligent psychics who   but it was still a full house.  from, I thought the address
       I had a popular radio show   could be counted on to                           was familiar. When we
       called The Psychic Reality,   provide interesting stories   We had many firsts at the APA   arrived, the penny dropped.
       and Garry had a popular   from time to time. We also   premises. People who did   It was the same premises
       astrology column in the Sun   knew people who were   some of their first workshops   as our Australian Psychics
       newspaper. One day, a mutual   interested in learning about   included Rev. Beth Gray, who   Association building twenty
       friend introduced us, and we   psychic matters, but not   brought Reiki to Australia in   years earlier. We thought that
       got on like a house on fire. It   necessarily wanting to   1983. Her method taught at   spirit must have looked after
       wasn’t long before Garry was   become professional psychic   the time was A 3-level system,   her and made sure she would
       appearing on our show, and   consultants.           rather than the 7-level system   be brought back to us with
       afterwards, we would go for a                       taught by those teachers   their display of synchronicity.
       coffee and discuss the state of   After asking some of our   who came later. I will never
       the industry.             friends and associates    forget the loving energy she
                                 whether they thought it   projected when she gave me   A previously unpublished
       On one of these occasions,   was a good idea, we set   a hug after her first workshop   excerpt from Simon Turnbull’s
       we began to talk about our   up the Australian Psychics   at our place. She certainly was   memoirs, God in a Chip.
       experiences with other media.   Association in a small   a great walking advertisement
       We both received constant   shopfront in Sydney’s Glebe   for Reiki.          Simon Turnbull (1950-2014)
       requests from radio shows,   in July 1983. Right from the                     co-founded the Australian
       TV shows, newspapers and   start, it was a hit. We had   Another great workshop   Psychics Association in 1983,
       magazines looking for psychic   night classes from Monday   was Nevill Drury’s shamanic   the Psychics Directory in
       and spiritual stories. There   to Friday and arranged for   drumming display. He   2005 and the International
       were very few people in our   people to conduct workshops   demonstrated the drumming   Psychics Association in 2013.
       particular industry who put   on Saturdays and Sundays.   techniques of various   Simon was a charismatic
       their hands up to provide our   Pretty soon we were able   American tribes who would   and passionate presence
       kind of information. This was   to rent our own premises in   go into a spiritual trance as a   in the psychic arena for
       1983.                     Edgecliff in Sydney’s Eastern   result of the drumming to get   four decades and made
                                 Suburbs.                  in touch with the spirits of their   an extensive contribution
       Psychics at the time were                           ancestors. Nevill authored   to the field. He remained a
       very much loners, who did   Once a month we would hold   over fifty books on magical   bookaholic with an extensive
       not trust the media to treat   a party with a psychic theme.   traditions, psychic matters,   metaphysical library
       them fairly. They were afraid   Our most popular theme was   and was a spokesman on the   throughout his life.
       of being made fun of, so they   ‘Come As You Were’ when   New Spirituality.

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