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               was searching through
                                                                                             ABN 50102878900
               my bookshelves for an
               old tarot deck when I
                                                                                             In consultation with Hiromi
               stumbled on a small
               booklet titled, Develop
                                                                                             The International Psychics
            Your Psychic Awareness                                                           Mitsuya and
                                                                                             Association Pty Ltd
            through the Wonderful Gift of                                                    (ACN: 164 036 757)
            Psychometry. The A5 booklet                                                      PO Box 3066,
            is typed, photocopied and                                                        Eastlakes NSW 2018
                                                                                             P:  61 (2) 9368 1177
            staple-bound with a simple   gave me cause to smile, as   what I was going through. The
            card cover. I flicked it open   amongst the submissions   internet provides so much
            to find this was a first edition   for this edition was Suzanne   information on sleep paralysis   In Loving Memory
            and copyright to Richard G.   Newnham’s article on why   that it is hard to know where   of Simon Turnbull
            Keith in 1988. Nowadays    psychics aren’t mindreaders.   to start – or what to believe!   With thanks to Anna
            you can type psychometry   The internet makes it easier   Even when you know what to   Comerford and Nic Skuja
            into a search engine and   to access information,    search for, it isn’t always easy
            be overwhelmed by the      but it hasn’t stopped the   to find useful answers.   Production Manager:
            responses. It wasn’t that   myths and misconceptions                             Leela J Williams
            long ago that photocopied   around psychic ability (Anna   The Psychics Directory makes   Design: Marcin Ciez
            pamphlets from Spiritualist   Comerford has addressed   understanding psychic ability   P: 0414 34 55 11
            Churches, psychic fairs and   some of those on page 19).  a little easier by presenting
            metaphysical workshops were                          information from experienced,
            prized sources of information   As Kathleen Kelsey mentions   professional and trusted   Cover Image:
            from a trusted expert – and   in her article, people with   practitioners. It’s even on   Katy-K by Suzi Karim
            this booklet, so aptly titled,   psychic or mediumistic   the Internet! Which is where
            would not have disappointed.   abilities might not know what   I hunted down Richard G.   Copyright Notice: All rights
                                       was happening to them. I   Keith, who is still teaching   reserved. No part of this
            On the first page, it explains   had a similar experience with   psychometry. With his   publication may be used,
            that natural laws govern   sleep paralysis and assumed   permission, there is a short   reproduced or transmitted in
            the development of spiritual   I was crazy or haunted until a   extract of his booklet on page   any form without prior written
                                                                                             consent of the publishers.
            abilities such as psychometry.   chance meeting with someone   40.
            Thus, if people want to    who knew what it was and                              Disclaimer: Without prejudice.
            acquire the ability to read the   could recommend some good   Enjoy!             While every care has been taken
            minds of others, they would   books. Before that, I didn’t   Leela               the publishers do not accept any
                                                                                             responsibility for the accuracy
            be sadly disappointed. This   realise there was a word for                       of our content. Information and
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                                                                                             and contributors do not
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                                                                                             the publishers. Content provided
                This beautiful angel is here to assure you that                              as general information only. The
                peace is possible. It is the only reasonable outcome                         publishers take no responsibility
                for an evolved humanity. This angel knows peace,                             should you choose to act on
                not as the absence of conflict, but as perpetual                             advice given.
                respect and harmony between all living beings.                               If you would like to participate
                Peace is in your grasp. Hold it close to your heart.                         in the 2021 International
                                                                                             Psychics Directory,
                AFFIRMATION: “Peace is perpetual. Truth is                                   contact us
                tireless. Peace is my pillar. Truth is my strength.                          through our website
                                                                                             or email to
                I am guided not by today, but by eternity. The                     
                harmony I create is for all time. I am emboldened by
                compassion and respect. I am committed to peace.”                            Printed in Brisbane, Australia
                From Peace Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno and                                 What else might
                Leela J. Williams                                                             we sense about
                                                                                                the world if
                                                                                               we could hone
                                                                                               our ability to
               For more articles and insight visit           perceive it?

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