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Contents                                                             PSYCHICS DIRECTORY  2020

                                        Page 6     Be More Psychic with Katy-K
                                        Page 7      Discover the Art of Reinvention with Sharina Star
                                        Page 14    Elisabeth Jensen: Goddess Lakshmi,
                                                   And Secrets for Spirit Abundance
                                        Page 17    Add to your Spiritual Toolbox
                                                   Barb Meynell on Pendulums & Planchettes
                                        Page 22    Connect with the Seven Sisters of Pleiades
                                                   For Empowerment and Intuitive Insight
                                                   Shine with Suzy Cherub
                                        Page 24    Embracing the Shadows and the Light
                                                   How to Work with the SIX eclipses of 2020

                                        Page 27    2020: A Year of Awakening
                                                   The Influences and Possibilities with Doreen Van Boxtel

         Page 4     Editorial
         Page 5     Simon Turnbull: A Mystic’s Memories                IN REVIEW with Nic Skuja
         Page 10    IPA Psychic of the Year Awards                      Page 33      Your Journey to Success
                    Meet the Winners for 2019                           Page 34     The Magic of Ireland
         Page 12     Kathleen Kelsey: A Psychic and a

         Page 13     Mark Anthony Hamilton on Choosing            Page 37     The Best of Tarot and Oracle
                    a Psychic
                                                                             Decks for 2018
         Page 19    Are predictions set in stone?                            The ITF’s CARTA Awards are
                    Can I see your lotto numbers?                            a Cartomancier’s Delight!
                    Anna Comerford Busts Some Myths               Page 38    Are Psychics Reading Your Mind?

         Page 20    Elevating your Senses?                                    Suzanne Newnham looks at ethics,
                     Tracey Nichols explains why and                         telepathy, and using a reliable
                    how to Ground Your Energy                                Source
         Page 28     A Word of Hope for Humanity                  Page 40    IPA Code of Ethics
                    from Linet Amalie
                                                                  Page 40   A Time-Tested Practice
         Page 31      Scott Alexander King: Coming Home           Page 42    Revitalise your Psychic Energy
                    to Animal Dreaming                                        Anna Comerford’s Tips will have
         Page 32    Ìs it possible to read for yourself?                     you Sparkling
                    Deniz Batuk says, “Absolutely!”

     Image by Esi Grünhagen from Pixabay
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