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            knowledge and authentic    5 June 2020: Lunar        and beginnings in our     level. Gemini processes
            communication grows as     Eclipse in Sagittarius    domestic and family zone.   emotions by talking things
            we begin to experience     This lunar eclipse provides   The highest aspect of Cancer   through and this eclipse
            the effects of the Gemini-  a sneak preview of the   energy is about building the   encourages us to express
            Sagittarius duality through   Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse   foundations of life through   our feelings through our
            eclipses. Here is an       season later in the year   the warmth of nurturing,   voice – by talking, singing or
            overview of each eclipse in   and throughout 2021. In   unconditional love. Through   sound. As we move through
            detail.                    Sagittarius, the Moon is   this New Moon eclipse    this expressive process
                                       uneasy, as the sign of    we can see our service to   realisations come into focus,
            2020 Eclipses in           the archer is direct in its   humanity as a foundation   solutions are found through
            Focus                      energy whereas the moon   upon which others can     intuition, and powerful healing
                                       is mysterious, indirect and   thrive and grow into greater   is experienced as we release
            11 January 2020: Lunar     ambiguous. There can be   independence, responsibility   stuck emotions. This lunar
            Eclipse in Cancer          a tendency to take things   and maturity to prepare   eclipse is a time of profound
            This lunar eclipse is the   personally and feel wounded   them to make a meaningful   leaps forward in our authentic
            pair to the solar eclipse in   by the arrows of truth   contribution to the world. This   expression.
            Capricorn on 26 December   provided by Sagittarius.   eclipse is all about lifting each
            2019. This eclipse pairing   This lunation offers the   other up, being each other’s   15 December 2020: Solar
            invites us to explore our idea   opportunity to see ourselves   champions and providing a   Eclipse in Sagittarius
            of security and the personal   from a higher perspective   safe place to fall when we   What a wonderful way to end
            beliefs we have about what   and understand the spiritual   face the challenges that life   the year with an invitation to
            makes us feel safe and     truth underlying our emotional   inevitably throws our way.    direct our energy toward a
            secure, particularly on an   responses. It’s not just a                        higher goal or purpose going
            emotional level. Questions   matter of being aware of our   5 July 2020: Lunar Eclipse   into 2021. The archer’s arrow
            about where it is that we feel   emotions, but considering   in Capricorn      is pointed due north, toward
            most at home and who we    how they point us toward   This Full Moon eclipse rounds   the attainment of wisdom
            consider our family are likely   what is important for our   out the Cancer-Capricorn   through honouring our truth
            to arise. We may also feel a   spiritual growth.     eclipse season which has   about who we are at a soul
            tension between our roles in                         been in play since November   level. At this eclipse, we may
            the home and family relating   22 June 2020: Solar   2018. It is an opportunity   sense a feeling of loss or
            to issues of dependence and   Eclipse in Cancer      to reflect on how far we   disconnection. To remedy
            responsibility.            The first solar eclipse of the   have come on an emotional   this, many of us will be drawn
                                       year brings new opportunities   level and celebrate how   to esoteric knowledge and
                                                                 much we have grown in the   seek a higher perspective
                                                                 Capricorn traits of maturity,   of the events and people in
                                                                 responsibility, resilience and   our lives. We will learn that
                                                                 patience. We may experience   we can rely on our divine
                    Conscious Life                               conflict as we are pushed   essence in the midst of
                                                                 by the universe to jettison   human challenges and that
              Holistic Wellness                                  emotional baggage as we   separation is a product of
                                                                 take the next step for our
                                                                                           our lower mind, a negative
                         Festival                                spiritual growth. Capricorn   expression of Gemini which
                                                                 is a highly determined sign
                                                                                           could have bubbled up in the
                                                                                           November lunar eclipse. Our
                                                                 and always has the apex of
                                                                 the mountain in its sights, yet   higher mind, represented
                                                                 this eclipse may feel more   by Sagittarius, is a well of
                                                                 like a plateau where we can   wisdom from which we can
                                                                 take a breath, check in with   draw faith and strength as
           16/17                                    Exhibitors   our intended path to see if   we curiously quest for more
                                                                                           profound meaning and strive
                                                                 it is still the one we want to
            MAY                                   Meditations    take and plan out the next   toward our vision in service
                                                                 part of the journey with the
                                                                                           to humanity. Tapping into this
                                                   Live Music
           2020                                  Healthy Food    understanding that there   part of ourselves will set us
                                                                 are no shortcuts and the
                                                                                           up for a more meaningful and
                                                     Health &     divine plan is perfect in its   connected 2021.
           9.30AM                                  Wellbeing     unfoldment.
               TO                                  Therapies     30 November 2020: Lunar
           4.30PM                                  Spirituality     Eclipse in Gemini      Marion is a modern psychic,
                                                    Personal     This lunar eclipse kicks   medium and intuitive healer
             VENUE 114                               Growth      off the first eclipse season   in the practice of astrology,
           Lake Kawana                               Organic
           114 Sportsmans Pde                                    in the Gemini-Sagittarius   tarot and numerology. As
              Bokarina                            Environment    axis which will be in effect   creatrix of Soul Awakening,
           Sunshine Coast                         Eco-friendly     until mid-2022. During this   Marion’s purpose is to
            QUEENSLAND                        + so much more!    period, we may find it difficult   awaken others to their
                                                                 to say how we truly feel   innate calling and connect
                  Discover  Connect  Transform
                                                                 and have the tendency to   them to their collective
                                                                 put on a happy face which   mission. Visit Marion at
                                                                 is not true to what we are
                                                                 experiencing on an emotional
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