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       This year, we complete    same signs as an eclipse   reputation, responsibility
       the cycle of eclipses in the   period, around 18 months, our   and the father), we have
       Cancer-Capricorn axis and   soul awakening and release of   experienced tension between
       move into the effect of the   past life contracts and blocks   humanitarian concerns and
       Gemini-Sagittarius axis,   is particularly intense.   political manoeuvring on a
       where the north node will be                        global scale. Private concerns
       in Gemini and the south node   Overview of the 2020   have also been played out
       in Sagittarius. North nodes   Eclipse Period        publicly as demonstrated by
       represent destiny and karmic                        the ‘me too’ movement.
       life path, in other words, the   The duality of opposites
       qualities of the sign which   which characterise the   Issues surrounding privacy,
       we need to embrace in this   nodes and eclipses, not   personal security and public
       incarnation, while the south   only affect us on a personal   institutions will continue to
       node relates to past life   level, depending on our   be revealed and debated in   2020 will continue to see
       experiences which need to be   nodal placements, we also   2020. The collective lesson   shifts toward home-based
       released and transformed into   experience collective shifts   during this eclipse period   work and greater flexibility
       north node destiny.       during eclipse seasons.   is to embrace the positive   for workers to manage family
                                 During eclipses in the    qualities of Cancer and   and domestic responsibilities.
       We all have north and south   Cancer-Capricorn nodal   release the negative qualities   Globally, world leaders who
       nodes in our birth charts which   axis, which have been in   of Capricorn. That is, to strike   show authentic, heart-based
       fall in particular zodiac signs   effect since November 2018   a collective balance between   leadership and the courage
       depending on our date of   and will continue until May   unconditional love and public   to address issues of social
       birth. Whichever sign our north   2020, the duality of our   responsibility and merging the   welfare and prioritise the
       node is in, the south node will   private (Cancer) and public   two for the greater good.   remediation of the damage
       be in the opposite sign. For   (Capricorn) lives is in stark                  to Mother Earth will enjoy
       example, if your north node is   focus and there are examples   The effect of an eclipse   popularity. Those whose
       in Scorpio, your south node   of how it has played out for   can be felt up to six months   compass does not point true
       will be in Taurus. These nodal   the collective. With the north   after it occurs — such is the   north will come under greater
       positions remain the same   node in Cancer (the sign of   power of eclipse energy!   scrutiny for their lack of
       through each incarnation and   family, security, connection   This means the impact of   integrity and ethical conduct.
       provide insight into our destiny   and motherly nurture) in   the eclipse period in each
       and soul growth. When our   opposition to Capricorn   zodiac axis is felt for up to   In the second half of the
       personal nodes are in the   (the sign of public image,   two years. The first half of   year, our thirst for higher

                             Connecting with the other side

               Louise Hermann Live

           Celebrating over 800 Events

                 Coming to Sydney, Central Coast,
                Newcastle and Mebourne, in 2020.

             Now Available for Personal Readings
                      one-on-one, web and skype

          “The  purpose of mediumship is to provide healing
          and proof  of consciousness that your loved ones
          survive the process  of  physical  death and continue  to
          live in  spirit form. I  understand  the importance of
          providing  evidence  that you are speaking to  your
          loved ones in the spirit world through my readings.
          I work hard with the spirits to provide this evidence
          through  identification  (names,  ages,  descriptions),
          events,  personal  details  and  above  all,  a  healing
          message  of love.”    —    Louise  Hermann
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