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                                                                 Working with the


                                                                 The Six Eclipses

                                                                 of 2020

                                                                 By Marion Hutton

                                                                     020 is characterised by   new Moon and full Moon.
                                                                     a need for stability, on   That is why eclipses only
                                                                 2a personal and global    occur at new Moons when
                                                                 level.  This year we seek   the Sun and Moon are
                                                                 harmony and equilibrium of   conjunct at approximately
                                                                 the dualities present within our   zero degrees (solar eclipse)
                                                                 human experience. Eclipses   or full Moons when they
                                                                 are inherently dualistic in   are opposite at around 180
                                                                 their depiction of light and   degrees (lunar eclipse).  It
                                                                 dark. They represent north   is also why they occur in
                                                                 and south, beginnings and   pairs. For example, when
       Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay
                                                                 completion, the past and the   the south node is intersected
                                                                 future. This year we are all on   resulting in an eclipse, the
                                                                 a path to stability, but it won’t   corresponding north node will
                                                                 be without some upheaval –   be intersected approximately
                                                                 as indicated by the occurrence   fifteen days later to create an
                                                                 of six, yes six, solar and lunar   eclipse pair, and vice versa.
                                                                 eclipses. Last year we had
                                                                 five, and the usual number   A solar eclipse, also referred
                                                                 is four. As eclipses represent   to as a new Moon eclipse,
                                                                 turning points, we are in for   occurs when the Moon moves
                                                                 some serious awakening and   between Earth and the Sun,
                                                                 transformation as we balance   temporarily blocking the light


             J Join Barb on Monday Nights at 8pm (QLD) for       our private and public selves   from the Sun coming to Earth.
                Free Live Psychic Readings                       and the connection between   A lunar eclipse occurs when
                                                                 our lower and higher minds.
                                                                                           Earth moves between the
                 On Facebook: Barb’s Psychic Readings
                 On  F ac ebook: Bar b ’ s  P sy chic  R eadings                           Sun and the Moon, casting
                                                                 What is an eclipse?       a shadow on the Moon. The
                                         TOURING                                           distance an eclipse occurs
                                    AUSTRALIA in 2020            The Moon takes about a    from the south or north node
                                                                 month to orbit Earth. Twice
                                                                                           will determine whether it is a
                                      View the Events on         a month it intersects Earth’s   partial or full eclipse.
                                     Barb’s Facebook Page        orbital plane at virtual
                                  to see where she will be next.  points called nodes. These   Effects of eclipses
                                     Barb Meynell is an          points, the north and south
                                International Psychic Medium     nodes, are separated by   During a New Moon, the Sun
                                   based on the Gold Coast.      180 degrees. Because it is   and Moon are in the same
                                                                 inclined to Earth’s orbit by   zodiac sign (conjunct). At the
                                  Phone / Messenger Video and    approximately five degrees,   Full Moon, the Sun and Moon
                                  Skype readings are available.  there are times when the   are opposing, or in opposite
                                    Professional Member of the   Moon will come within several   signs. So, when the New
                                 International Psychics Association  degrees of one of these   Moon is in Leo the Sun is in
                                                                 nodes, causing a lunar or   Leo, and when the Full Moon
         Interested in having a Psychic Party                    solar eclipse to occur.   is in Leo, the Sun is in the
                or Face-to-Face Reading?                         The separation between the   opposite sign, Aquarius. As
                                                                                           eclipses only occur at a New
              Phone 0450 593 196 or Visit:                       north and south nodes, 180   or Full Moon, the Sun and                             degrees, is the same as the   Moon are either conjunct or
                                                                                           opposed during these events.
                                                                 degrees which separate a
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