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            The Seven Sisters

            of the Pleiades

            By Suzy Cherub        Images by Laila Savolainen

                   he Pleiades is an   Invoke Maia for her deep   awakening and collective   As the storyteller, Taygeta is
                   open star cluster   wisdom to help you co-create   ascension. She initiates   the keeper of all knowledge,
                   located in the      and birth higher pathways   profound soul learning by   wisdom and truth. She
            Tconstellation of          of consciousness and divine   encouraging you to dive deep   instigates personal growth and
            Taurus. It is one of the   creations.                into the shadow, releasing   spiritual evolution through the
            brightest and most visible                           limiting beliefs, past hurts and   sharing of intentional stories.
            constellations in our night                          embedded grief.           Taygeta helps you to seek the
            sky. The nine most brilliant   ALCYONE:                                        wisdom in your stories, to move
            stars in the cluster are   THE EMPRESS               Call upon Electra to help   forward fearlessly and not get
            named for the seven sisters                          you embrace lessons and   stuck in a repetitive story that
            of the Pleiades from Greek   Alcyone is the brightest star   blessings with gratitude and   no longer serves you.
            Mythology, Maia, Alcyone,   in the Pleiades star system,   self-compassion.
            Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta,   spanning ten times the radius                     Invoke Taygeta to support you
            Asterope and Merope, and   of the Sun and burning at an                        to find and speak your truth
            their parents, Atlas and   extreme temperature. Her   CELAENO: THE ORACLE      with confidence and clarity.
            Pleione.                   name means ‘the central
                                       one’.                     Celaeno is the smallest star
            While the sisters of Pleiades                        in the constellation and the   ASTEROPE:
            come from Greek Mythology,   The sovereign Empress   youngest of the seven sisters.   THE VISIONARY
            myths and legends of seven   is the most embodied and   She is blue and white, but
            sisters exist in cultures around   grounded of the divine   due to her size and fringe   Asterope is one of the least
            the world, including Japanese,   feminine archetypes. In this   location, she can be difficult   bright in the Pleiades star
            Chinese, Hindu, Māori and   aspect, Alcyone sits proudly   to spot with the naked eye.   constellation and is sometimes
            numerous language groups of   on her throne as a strong   Her name means ‘darkness’   difficult to see with the naked
            Aboriginal Australia.      leader. She shows up as   or ‘blackness’.           eye. Her name means
                                       an intuitive and confident                          ‘lightning’ or ‘starry-faced’, and
            Each of the sisters of the   trailblazer that shines her   As the devoted oracle,   she is often referred to as ‘the
            Pleiades has a unique      guiding light for others to fully   Celaeno heals and empowers   Star Mother’.
            energetic imprint that depicts   embody their sacredness.   with psychic guidance and
            a feminine archetype. You can   Her global mission is to uplift   the gift of prophecy. This   With the gift of foresight and
            connect with the sisters and   the collective consciousness   divine feminine archetype   intuitive vision, Asterope
            the divine feminine energy they   for unity ascension.  represents the enlightened   represents the visionary
            personify for empowerment                            intuitive who offers useful   archetype. As a clairvoyant,
            and intuitive insights.    Invoke Alcyone to ignite and   insight and predictions   she has clear psychic sight
                                       accelerate your personal   with the assistance of her   and can see the bigger picture
                                       power and higher purpose.  loving spirit guides. She is   for the universal collective. Her
            MAIA: THE MIDWIFE                                    the heart whisperer, spirit   dream is to assist with cosmic
                                                                 correspondent and medium   ascension through empathic
            Maia is the fourth brightest   ELECTRA:              that bridges heaven and   leadership and grace.
            star of the Pleiades star   THE ACTIVATOR            earth.
            cluster and the eldest of the                                                  Call upon Asterope to help you
            seven sisters. Her name    Electra is the third brightest   Connect with Celaeno to tap   connect to your inner vision
            means ‘midwife’ and she is   star in the Pleiades    into your heart intelligence   and creative imagination.
            well known for her nurturing   constellation. This luminous   for heightened clairsentience
            maternal nature.           star brightly flickers on-and-  (clear psychic feeling).
                                       off because it rotates so                           MEROPE:
            Just as the midwife supports   rapidly. Her name means                         THE PRIESTESS
            the mother who ultimately   ‘amber’ and she is often   TAYGETA:
            does the work of delivering her   portrayed as a golden    THE STORYTELLER     Merope is the faintest star
            child, this archetype supports   goddess.                                      of the Pleiades star cluster.
            your soulful creations. In this                      Taygeta is a binary star and   She is white and violet,
            aspect, Maia embodies the   The activator archetype   one of the brightest in the   but often not visible to the
            empathic nurturer, mother   triggers spiritual growth and   Pleiades constellation. She   naked eye. Her name means
            goddess and powerful       balance via the feminine   is known as the ‘Mistress   ‘face-turned’, referring to
            creatrix. She personifies   influences of sorrow and   of the Animals’ because of   the myth surrounding her
            insightful wisdom and intuitive   vulnerability. As the activator,   her strong affiliation with the   disappearance from the
            awareness.                 Electra triggers spiritual   wilderness and wild animals.  night sky.

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