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                                                                 BARTHOLOMEW and the         drained or fatigued.
                                                                 BEINGS OF LIGHT more
            Grounded                                             often, there were several   •  are easily affected by what’s
                                                                                             going on around you, other
                                                                 weeks where I was extremely
                                                                 fatigued. I ended up collapsing   people’s energy or mood,
                                                                 on the grass outside, unable   •  have absorbed the energy
            for the Light                                        to move from where I was    of others, often feeling the
                                                                 sitting for over an hour.
                                                                 Following this, I woke up with   emotions of others as if they
            by Tracey Nichols                                    vertigo for several days. My   are your own.
                                                                 body overloaded with the   •  lack focus.
                                                                 higher energies that were   •  feel irritable, scattered,
                   orking and playing   Everyone benefits from   working with and through me,   distracted or light-headed.
                   with your psychic   being grounded, but this   and my need for grounding   •  have a tendency to be
            Wability can connect       is especially so for anyone   and earthing was stronger   clumsy, drop things or run
            you to higher frequencies. If   opening themselves spiritually   than usual.     into things.
            you are to strive for spiritual   and psychically. Clairsentients              •  are constantly rushing
            peaks, it is important to   and empaths ‘feel’ energies,   Grounding is an instant way   around and are overly busy.
            balance and ground your    emotions or spiritual     to discharge any unwanted
            energy by anchoring to the   messages. They can feel   energies that are absorbed   •  feel as though your energy
            earth below.  Being grounded   depleted, fatigued, and drained   in everyday life. It restores,   is spinning or feel dizzy for
            means you can elevate your   when they have taken on too   rejuvenates and supports the   an unknown reason.
            senses, and the spiritual   much from their environment.   energy field, brings a sense of   •  feel queasy and nauseous
            energies that flow through   Healers and psychics risk   calm, and improves mental,   before, during or after
            you have a place to exit.   exhaustion unless they   emotional and empathic      meditations, healing or
            Being grounded gives you an   manage the energies they   clarity.                spiritual work.
            energetic base, so you feel   work with by grounding and
            stronger and more centred.   anchoring as well as cleansing,   You may benefit from   As you deepen your spiritual
            You will have more focus,   cord-cutting, shielding, and   grounding if you:    awakening, experiencing any
            clarity, and energy when   chakra balancing.                                   of the above can be a signal
            your spiritual practices are                         •  feel physically, mentally,   to increase your grounding
            grounded in the earth.     When I began channelling   emotionally or spiritually   efforts.

               Ronda Robertson

                    Psychic Medium                             Mark Anthony Hamilton

            Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient.              Reaing & Healing

             “It’s important to validate a reading with          S                                         M
         evidential information. I also feel it’s important to
        remain humble. I love what I do, it’s about loss, it’s   O
          emotional, but in connecting people on this side                                                 E
        to Spirit and bringing through personal messages,       U
               there can be healing in two worlds.”
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