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       Myths &


       Psychics can read         shown to them. This       may be likely that you will   psychic predicts you will live
       your mind.                information comes through   encounter certain events in   to 120, taking up smoking
       At times psychics can tell   spiritual sources for your   the future, but a predication   and engaging in risk-taking
       you amazing things and    benefit. They don’t need (nor   is not fate. If you don’t like   behaviour can change that.
       you might wonder, “How did   want) to know all about you.   what you hear, look at what   As per the above point, your
       they know that?” A psychic   In general, psychics might   you can do today to influence   future is not set in stone. You
       might read your energy, your   observe things about people   your future.     can change what you are
       cards, your palm or receive   and their environment that                      doing to avoid a negative
       messages from a spiritual   others don’t. For example,   Psychics can see     outcome, but it works both
       guide. But, they aren’t   they might notice a change   when someone will      ways.
       reading your mind.        in your energy, but not see   cross to the other
                                 you’ve had a haircut! That   side.                  Psychics can tell you
       Psychics know             doesn’t mean they are     Guides do not share       the lotto numbers.
       all about you the         reading you.              information that would    We’d like this one to be
       moment they lay                                     distress or hurt you. A   true. We might imagine that
       eyes on you!              Predictions are set       psychic can’t see this. They   winning the lottery would be
       Psychics do not know the   in stone.                may have a vision of you   an easy fix for many of life’s
       colour of your underwear.   Psychic guidance can help   as an older person, but not   problems. In the grander
       Psychics will see different   you along your path. You   having that vision doesn’t   scheme, it is no solution at
       things for you, depending on   have free will to change   mean you don’t have a long   all. In winning the lottery, we
       their skill and the information   any prediction you hear. It   life in your future. Also, if a   would not learn our lessons.

   Egyptian Clairvoyant                                           One of the best Egyptian clairvoyants in
                                                                  Australia. Over 30 years’ experience.  A high

                         Wagih Samweil                            accuracy guaranteed in all psychic methods.
                                                                  Wagih or Sam has the ability to implement the
           Mob: +61 414792038                                     7000 year old traditions of ancient Egypt to
                                                                  solve problems in your everyday life.
                 2008 Psychic of the Year (VIC)

    ∆ Help resolving relationship and family issues
    ∆ Removal of bad energy and karma
    ∆ Assistance in removing obstacles in your life path
    ∆ Egyptian Card Readings
    ∆ Spiritual cleansing and house cleansing

    As seen on TV

    Channel Seven News

    Channel Nine A Current Affair

    On the ACA website, Wagih has been proclaimed one of
    the most accurate and sought after psychics in Australia.

    Wheelers Hill, Victoria.

    For appointments: Phone: 0414 792 038                                                                            19
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