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            sit so your hand is resting   seen photos of people
            comfortably on the planchette   holding a Y-shaped stick. This
            as it moves gently across a   stick will rise up and down in
            piece of paper. You might   the diviner’s hand to provide
            want to use a clipboard, so   insight on where water may
            you can sit the paper and   be underground. Farmers
            planchette in your lap as you   have been known to hire a
            meditate.                  diviner to locate water before
                                       digging a well.
            During the meditation, guides
            can be called to bring through   Another form of dowsing that
            messages by moving the     uses two separate rods can
            pencil over the paper. The   be a way to communicate
            result may look like scribble,   with Spirit. The rods usually
            but turn it around and often   have a cylinder or beads
            you will see words, pictures   around the handles so they
            and possibly numbers.      can move independently.  I
                                       recently went on a ghost tour
            You can use a large        and was able to use the rods
            planchette for a group     to connect with the spirits. We
            session where fingers are   were in an old jail cell with
            lightly poised on the edge   the door closed and used
            of the tool. You can use   dowsing rods to communicate
            a smaller planchette on    with a spirit connected with
            your own to bring through   the cell. The rods were held
            messages from your spirit   very still, and when we asked
            guides.                    the spirit a question, we
                                       also asked that they show
                                       us their answer through the
            Dowsing Rods               movement of the rods. For
            Dowsing rods have been     example, we asked that the
            used for centuries for locating   rods turn towards the door if
            water. You have possibly   a spirit was in the room. We
                                                                 asked for the rods to cross   your other hand. You can
                                                                 over if the spirit was male.   also use a photo or object
            As Seen on TV                                        We asked the spirit to turn the   to represent the subject in
                                                                                           question. Begin by making a
                                                                 rods towards the window if
                                                                 they died in the facility.
                                                                                           few yes or no statements that
                                                                                           you know the answer to. (For
               R   ania Hamod                                    A more common way of      example, “My name is Barb.”
               Rania Hamod
                                                                 dowsing is using a pendulum.
                                                                                           Or, “I can swim.”) Observe
                                                                 You can use all sorts of things   the movement the pendulum
               Psychic • Tarot • Healer                          as a pendulum. Expectant   makes when the statement
                                                                                           is true and for when it is
                                                                 mothers would use their
                                                                 wedding ring on a chain to   false. It may circle clockwise,
                       0412 499 565                              determine the gender of their   anticlockwise or swing
                                                                 unborn child. They would hold   back and forth. Use those
                                                                 the pendulum over their belly,   movements as a guide as
                                                                 and the way the pendulum   you make further statements.
                                                                 turned indicated whether it
                                                                 was a boy or a girl. This may   Link strongly with your guides
                                                                 seem like an old wives’ tale,   no matter which tools you
                                                                 but a lot of families swear by   use. Ask your guides to
                                                                 this technique.           assist you and to facilitate the
                                                                                           connections. Remember to
                                                                 Whether you use a needle   enjoy the journey and to trust
                                                                 and cotton or a crystal and   the messages you receive
                                                                 chain, the technique for   from your guides.
                                                                 using a pendulum is the
                                                                 same. Becoming familiar
                                                                 with your pendulum is the   Barb Meynell is a psychic
                                                                 key to success here. Check   medium who travels
                                                                 the true/false responses   Australia giving readings
                                                                 prior to a sitting. Hold the   and workshops. Tune into
                                                                 ‘chain’ in your non-dominant   Barb's Psychic Readings                                      hand, so the pendulum is   on Facebook on Monday
                                                                 a few centimetres above
                                                                                           nights at 8pm for free live
                                                                 the subject you are asking   psychic readings. For more                             about. If you are asking about   information visit www.
                                                                 yourself, you can hold the
                                                                 pendulum over the palm of
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