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       Adding to your

       Spiritual Toolbox

       By Barb Meynell

             here are many ways                                                      a message. Some groups
             to communicate                                                          might use an upside-down
             with Spirit to receive                                                  glass instead.
      Thelpful messages for
       our life’s journey. Some tools,                                               I would like to introduce you
       such as tarot or oracle cards,                                                to another version of the
       do not require intuition but will                                             planchette. This one holds a
       prompt and be enhanced by                                                     pencil and is on tiny casters
       your innate psychic ability as                                                so it can glide across a piece
       you use them. Here are a few                                                  of paper. When showing
       other ways to make a spiritual                                                people how to use this tool,
       connection that may be new                                                    I start by using incense such
       to you.                                                                       as sage or dragon’s blood
                                                                                     to protect the environment
                                                                                     we are working in. Through
       Planchettes                                                                   guided meditation, the
       Most people have seen     boards. When used         board is called a planchette.   participants then ask their
       movies where a ouija board   respectfully, this tool can   It is usually made of wood   guides and other protectors
       is used to connect with those   create strong connections   and heart-shaped with a hole   to step forward and to bring
       who have passed. I prefer   with the spiritual world. The   in the pointed end that glides   through messages using the
       to call these communication   object that ‘moves’ around the   over the letters to spell out   planchette. For best results,

           Australian Spiritual Alliance

                        Psychics & Mediums not Fortune Tellers or Entertainers

                               The first faith-based alliance in Australia to offer:
                                  Professional recognition for spiritual members
                                       Legal protection tailored for the ASA

             Endorsed by Henry Zarth                                                Endorsed by Sara King
                  Retired Psychic                                                  Psychic of the Year 2015
             ASA Chairman & Founder                   ASA Treasurer
                Mob: 0416 032 627                                                    Mob: 0419 690 372
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