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            Saraswati and Ganesha.                                                         and Saraswati for their
            Place pink lotuses in front                                                    presence and blessings and
            of Lakshmi (any pink or      CHANNELLED MESSAGE                                repeat the sacred mantra
            gold flowers are fine) plus                                                    another eleven times.
            a coconut cut in half with a   FROM LAKSHMI
            pink flower floating in the   “Yes, I am love in action. I return love in      You can then eat and share
            juice or simply a glass of                                                     the sweets and bananas as
            coconut juice. Add some      the form of good fortune and abundance to         they are full of abundance
            candles, bananas and sweets   those that trust and love me too. Love is not    energy. The coconut juice is
            wrapped in gold foil. Burn   enough though. Train yourself to wish for         to be left in front of Lakshmi
            some frankincense incense                                                      overnight then poured into
            or diffuse some essential oils   true abundance and see beauty everywhere.     the earth. Know and trust
            of frankincense, ylang ylang   Have patience as you build your energy and      Goddess Lakshmi has
            and orange oil. Then, invoke   merge with me. Then allow your heart and        blessed you with abundance.
            Lakshmi by chanting this                                                       Repeat daily, if you wish.
            sacred mantra eleven times:   voice to speak with love. You see you are not
            “Om Shreem Heem Kleem        alone on this earth and we can be with you
            Maha Lakshmi Namahah”        constantly. Trust us to organise your life in     ELISABETH JENSEN is the
                                                                                           author of Auset Egyptian
            When you have finished       tune with your thoughts and beliefs, then         Oracle Cards and her
            chanting, pray directly to   abundance, bliss and excitement can be            new Lakshmi Blessings
            Lakshmi, for example: “Dear   your constant companions.”                       Reading Cards, Hindu
            Goddess Lakshmi, I ask                                                         Deities Guidance For Good
            you to give me blessings                                                       Fortune will be published
            of abundance in the form                                                       in 2020. Elisabeth also
            of sufficient funds for me to   the wisdom and clarity to   you as you sit in a pink lotus   teaches Lakshmi Divination
            achieve my dreams.”        achieve my dreams and     flower. Next, state your   For Good Fortune and
                                       requests.”                specific requests to Lakshmi   Saraswati Temple Healing
            State your specific request                          and visualise them happening   plus Auset Egyptian Temple
            and continue: “Lord Ganesha,   Ask for Lakshmi to be with   in front of your eyes before   Healing in Asia and Australia.
            please clear the obstacles   you and imagine her behind   drawing that dream picture   For more information visit
            from my path. Goddess      you. Visualise her pink and   into your heart and head.
            Saraswati, please give me   gold energy swirling around   Thank Lakshmi, Ganesha

       South Australia’s Multi-Award Winning Psychic Medium      Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher

               CELEBRITY SPIRIT MEDIUM                           and Veritas: A Dream Catcher Journal
        SA’s Inaugural Psychic of the Year 2004                       by Rosemary Dawson (pen name Felicity McCann)
         Australia’s Psychic Hall of Fame 2015                               “I am going to include your technique on my
               2018 People’s Choice Award                                            website. It is incredible!”
                                                                                       — Stan, Numerologist
        One of Australia’s most eminent Spiritualist Mediums
                                                                              “The Best Dream Book I have ever read.”
           Channelling your guides and departed loves ones with              —Kimberley, The Best Little Bookshop in Town, Cronulla
         amazing accuracy. Sharna’s demonstrations have received             “Loved the second book even more than the first.”
              outstanding public recognition the world over.                  — Vivian, Marrickville, NSW
          Television, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper Appearances               “My Hawaiian Kahuna
         Past  Present                                                       never told me about this.
                                                                               I am going to use it with
        Future  Health                                                       my clients.” —Sue, psychic
                                                                               reader, Melbourne MBS.
          Relationships                                        “I keep it as a reference book in my handbag.”
        Finances  Work                                            —Lynn, psychic reader Sydney MBS.
                                                                  A message from the other side is
          Past Lives                                            A message from the other side is
                                                                  guaranteed with every reading.
                                                                  guaranteed with every reading.
        No Divination Aids Used
         Paranormal investigator /                                             Rosemary Dawson
           researcher facilitating                                             Master of  Applied Science,
        Ghost Hunting Excursions                                               Post Graduate Degree, Cert in Education.
          Professional & Gifted Psychic                                        Author, teacher, palmist, numerologist,
        “I will not interfere with a person’s free will
        and I will NOT predict physical death.”                                and psychic development coach.

                   Sharna d’Fern BSYA(para)                                  Corporate functions, private parties,
                                                                               personal readings, face to face or phone.
                          P: 0409 093 019
                    E:                                Cronulla, NSW  Phone: 0434 125 701
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