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            GODDESS LAKSHMI:

            SecretS For

            Spiritual abundance

            By Elisabeth Jensen
                      any of us dream   and pleasure while we    presence. I often do this too,   an oracle based on Hindu
                      of having a      continue on our spiritual path.   but also visualise Lakshmi   deities, they were much
                      fairy godmother   As a channel for Goddess   with me and see myself   harder for me to connect
                      or admiring      Lakshmi, I am often amazed   sitting in her pink lotus flower   with than the Egyptian
           Mbenefactor                 at how her wise words     while drawing her energy   deities were when I wrote
            who will ensure we have    combine with earthy common   into and around me. I do   Auset Egyptian Oracle. I had
            enough money for all we    sense.                    this frequently to strengthen   to do extra prayer in their
            wish to accomplish. Goddess                          my energy field. An energy   temples and ask the Hindu
            Lakshmi is the beautiful   I had been connecting with   field filled with pink and gold   priests to bless my writing
            Hindu goddess of abundance   Goddess Lakshmi for many   attracts abundance and   and spiritual connections.
            and good fortune. She does   years, but when I was asked   positive situations.   The Vedas (ancient Hindu
            not grant all your wishes, but   to attend large Hindu pujas                   scriptures) highlight the
            she can assist you in many   (ceremonies) in Sri Lanka,   Lord Ganesha, the    need for patience and virtue
            surprising ways — provided   that connection strengthened.   elephant-headed deity,   when asking for an important
            you devote energy and time   I was invited to a puja in   is a god of abundance.   boon or blessing so don’t
            to working with her.       honour of Lakshmi’s birthday   He is particularly good at   be concerned if you find
                                       to offer healing meditations   clearing obstacles from   Lakshmi, Saraswati and
            Over the years, I have     and blessings and be a    your path. I also work with   Ganesha harder to connect
            studied many ways of       voice channel for Lakshmi.   Saraswati, a Hindu goddess   with than other spiritual
            achieving abundance. Most   Following this experience,   of learning, intelligence and   guides such as angels. These
            worked to some degree,     a flow of abundance truly   the arts. Lakshmi, Ganesha   three deities are willing to
            but I found connecting with   began for me. Participants   and Saraswati are often   work with you if you invoke
            Goddess Lakshmi to be the   also reported beautiful   worshipped together. Lakshmi   them sincerely. Believe, trust
            most effective and enduring.   healing miracles and more   may also be with Lord Vishnu,   in the deities, and create
            Goddess Lakshmi can look   abundance in their lives.   her husband, the maintainer   energy to bring your desires
            after our everyday needs and   Voice and energy channelling   of the universe. I have found   to fruition.
            our spiritual evolvement, and   is a powerful way of creating   that working with Lakshmi,
            seems to understand life on   a vortex of energy, and while   Ganesha and Saraswati   Once you connect with
            this chaotic planet. We don’t   it does require some practice,   is the most effective   these deities, remember to
            need to be perfect people to   it is certainly worth learning   combination for requesting   visualise them frequently. To
            receive her blessing, but we   this skill.           spiritual abundance and good   build a strong energy field,
            do need to connect with her                          fortune.                  see yourself sitting in their
            to request assistance.                                                         powerful vortex of light when
                                       CREATING                  Many people go through    meditating. I often feel myself
                                                                 life hoping for a lucky break   in Lakshmi’s magnetic energy
            GODDESS                                              without understanding that   and visualise myself drawing
                                       Lakshmi has beautiful gold   good fortune is linked to   wonderful and helpful people
                                       and pink energy and is often   personal energy. Being   and situations to me, and an
            Lakshmi is a much-         shown in a pink dress sitting   surrounded by appropriate   abundance of money, also.
            loved goddess of beauty,   in a pink lotus flower with   and powerful deities that you
            abundance, wealth, power,   gold coins all around her.   have a good connection with
            and good fortune. She also   A traditional Hindu way of   certainly helps!     TO RECEIVE
            represents the higher values   connecting with Lakshmi is
            and qualities of life, including   to worship her statue and   The Egyptian and Hindu   BLESSINGS
            the powers of the mind and   burn oil lamps and incense   gods and goddesses are my   FROM LAKSHMI
            spiritual wealth. Lakshmi tells   while offering her fruit and   constant companions, and   Place a statue or picture of
            me her purpose is to help us   lotus flowers and chanting   we communicate frequently.   Goddess Lakshmi on your
            have some material comfort   sacred mantras to invoke her   When I decided to write   altar and do the same for

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