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          Choosing a Psychic

          By Mark Anthony Hamilton

                  sychic ability    mediums, channels and     whether a psychic is right   have free will, so rather than
                  comes in different   those who work with spirits,   for what you want. Do your   a prediction, a reading might
                  forms. I believe   guides, souls and more.   research and determine   bring through a message
                  there are more    Some techniques seem      which type of psychic advice   on how to avoid or create
         Pthan thirty-seven         self-explanatory, but it can   best suits your needs, but   something in the future –
          ways to be psychic. They   be overwhelming trying   your intuition has more of   similar to a dream. We can
          are all quite different yet   to work out what type of   a connection without the   all benefit from listening to
          intertwined. There are also   psychic you need. Choosing   emotional baggage. It’s like   our soul, finding our path
          different ways to connect   a psychic can be like having   choosing a crystal. The one   and unlocking the blocks and
          and receive messages,     a sore back and not knowing   you think you need might not   walls we build from our past.
          so it can become quite    whether you would need    be right for what you need   We can then move forward.
          confusing selecting who is   a chiropractor, a physio,   on a deeper level. You might
          the right for you.        kinesiology, acupuncture, a   want to know the future, but   A ten-second intuitive check
                                    massage or just a good rest.   your intuition might direct   can make the difference
          A psychic might work with   Chances are they will all do   you to a reader who can help   between an average reading
          energy, feeling, hearing,   some good, but there might   you understand and heal   and a brilliant one.
          channelling, mediumship,   be one that can alleviate   the patterns of the past so
          their sixth sense. They might   your issues more quickly and   you can create the future
          work with a tool such as tarot   effectively. It’s the same with   you want. Not every psychic   Mark Anthony Hamilton is an
          cards and use interpretation   psychics.            gives predictions, and this   international soul reader &
          rather than intuition. The                          can be a surprise to people.   healer author and emotional
          word ‘psychic’ is an umbrella   I recommend that you follow                   resilience coach. Connect
          term. There is medical    your intuition when selecting   I'm a soul reader and clients   with him online at www.
          intuition, past-life reading,   any psychic. Take a good ten   almost always ask how their
          remote viewing, telepathy,   seconds and ask yourself   future will be. However, we

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