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            A Psychic

            and a Medium

            By Kathleen Kelsey

                 veryone has psychic   never a bad thing to question   often lost in grief or regret,   looking up to see a lovely
                 ability. To deny this   oneself and assess one’s   and to describe a past   young woman watching me.
            Eis like saying not all    convictions and beliefs.   event in the familiar words   We would smile at each other
            animals have a sixth sense.                          of a loved one passed that   and I would go back to work.
            Some people are born       I tell anyone wanting to be   brings a tear of happiness or   This happened several times
            with an enhanced ability   a medium to learn to be two   a beaming smile is a great   and I thought she must be
            and others never wish to   people in their own lives.   blessing. How lucky can   waiting for her appointment.
            acknowledge their psychic   As psychics and mediums,   one be to witness such a   There where chairs to wait on
            sense at all. Intuition can   we have a community of   transformation? When they   but she didn’t sit and I was
            be developed and there     like-minded friends and   give praise, I have to remind   beginning to feel distracted
            are many good, great and   colleagues, but there are   them that I am simply the   by her. I realised that in all the
            excellent teachers.        many more people with     ‘telephone’. It is an ongoing   chaotic foot traffic, she didn’t
                                                                                           move nor appear bothered.
            While everyone is psychic,                                                     I understood that she was
            not so many people are                                                         actually Spirit, looked up and
            mediums. There are           I like to think we are all born                   she vanished. Even with all
            arguments on both sides on                                                     my experience, I was amazed
            whether this is a natural trait   equal, so there is no reason                 at how solid she appeared.
            and if it can be enhanced.   why mediumship isn’t inherent                     It is not up to me how they
            I like to think we are all                                                     come. I do dictate what is
            born equal, so there is no    or improved with training.                       acceptable to me and what
            reason why mediumship isn’t                                                    is not. I have no desire to
            inherent or improved with                                                      communicate with anything or
            training.                                                                      anyone negative and I expect
                                       whom we have to interact   love or desire for atonement   clarity.
            To be actively psychic is   and work. Our metaphysical   that speaks the words I hear.
            like going to a library, and   family is small and we may   The role of the telephone is   Mediumship is an amazing
            knowing the story or sensing   have few opportunities to   to deliver a clear message   ability to have. I urge
            the theme of a book without   meet. Being open about   without distortion.     everyone to hone their
            needing to open it. A medium   our ability can reduce social                   ability at every chance.
            has access to an interactive   opportunities. After a psychic   I do most of my work at   Gather with trusted friends
            library where the characters   development course, my   home in private sittings, but   and hold experiential work
            come out of the books and   students were happily    I also present at Spiritualist   days where you can be
            narrate the stories and events   planning to get together   services. As a guest medium,   challenged with metaphysical
            and show the pictures.     socially without mentioning or   I give overhead readings to   tasks. I hold fast to ethical
                                       including me. When I asked   prove the ongoing existence   and compassionate use of
            I’ve seen and heard spirit   why I wasn’t included, I was   of the human soul. The idea   psychic abilities. Always
            from childhood and it isn’t   flabbergasted at the answer.   is to bring through evidential   respect people’s feelings and
            always the most comfortable   They said I knew too much   proof of an afterlife. The   privacy. As a medium, I have
            ability to have. With a father   about them and they wouldn’t   readings are ‘overhead’ in   experienced the regrets of
            who had grave mental       be able to relax under my   that the medium looks over   people who left living, loving,
            issues, I feared I might also   mindreading surveillance. It   the heads of people present   laughing and learning too
            be insane. I didn’t learn of   was a ridiculous statement   to choose with whom to   late. I have learned to have
            mediums until I was sixteen.   born of fear, but it gave me   connect. There are various   an ‘L’ of a good time and I
            And then, religion informed   cause for contemplation and   ways in which I receive   wish the same for you all.
            me that it was a punishable   insight into the fragility of   Spirit communication. I
            belief to have. I may have   people’s ego. I have learned   can hear their voice in my
            agreed, except that what I   to have varied interests and   ear or at times in my head   Kathleen Kelsey is based
            heard and heeded kept me   have as full a life as possible.   as a strong thought. I get   in Western Australia. Her
            safe and aware. Is it not a   I belong to social and activity   pictures in my head, or   closest city is Bunbury. She
            fine line we tread at times?   groups where it is not known I   sometimes a symbol. I see   offers spiritual counselling,
            Some see me as a medium,   am a psychic medium.      Spirit solidly or as a shadow   readings, workshops, and
            and to others, I am delusional                       or haze. At times, I sense   more. Kathleen received
            or worse. The sceptics are   My mediumistic life is full of   their size, shape, gender and   the 2018 Psychic Hall of
            always there to make sure   wonderful experiences and   description.           Fame Award. Contact her at
            we work at being steadfast,   shared emotional memories              
            accurate and plausible. It is   with people I usually see only   Some years ago, I was   Spookybiz/
                                       once. To sit with a stranger,   reading at a fair and kept

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