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            2019 PSYCHIC PEOPLE'S

                   CHOICE AWARD                                   PSYCHIC HALL OF FAME

          collaboration between the International Psychics    he Psychic Hall of Fame Award is open to members
       A  Association and the International Psychics Directory, this  Tof the International Psychics Association who have
       award gives our readers the chance to vote for their favourite   demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the psychic field.
       psychic contributor. The award could go to anyone appearing   Recipients have a minimum of thirty years’ experience in
       anywhere in the magazine be it in advertising, articles, photos   their craft.
       or otherwise.

       Yvonne Schwirse           told Yvonne that she too was   Spider Ward          Narelle Scurr
                                 psychic, and that the ability
       Yvonne could see spirit from   went back generations. She   Spider was born a cognitive   Narelle was aware of her
       a very young age. She hid   has been openly working   empath. Her Nana Billie was   psychic ability from an early
       from it for most of her life and   with Spirit since 1998 and   a healer and coven member   age. As an adult, she has
       felt different to most children   continues to be amazed   and helped her understand   been developing her intuitive
       she went to school with and   by the connections and the   that her ‘old soul’ would have   talents for over thirty years.
       the friends she grew up with.   detailed information that can   to find a way to ‘fit’ into this   Narelle feels that working
       When Yvonne’s father passed   come through in readings.   world. Spider felt a call to be   with a code of ethics, honesty
       in 1997, her psychic senses   Yvonne loves being a channel   of service and began studying   and integrity is essential as
       became amplified, so she   for Spirit and works with   metaphysics like a sponge.   psychics are consulted on
       attended classes to help her   honesty and good intentions.   To begin with, Spider found   very personal matters. She is
       to understand what she was   She enjoys bringing    her profession to be lonely   aware that what she says to
       meant to do with what she   contentment, happiness,   work, but travel changed that   her clients has the potential
       was seeing and hearing.   reassurance and direction to   and she found places she   to impact their lives on many
       After years of keeping her   those who seek her out.   belonged. She now has clients   levels. Narelle is careful to
       ability to herself, her mother                      across Australia, in Malaysia,   deliver messages honestly
                                                           Singapore, Ireland, the United   and sensitively, ensuring they
                                                           Kingdom, Jordan and the   cannot be misinterpreted.
                                                           USA. Always learning and   She feels that being able to
             Who will be the People’s                      striving to be better at what   communicate information from
                                                           she does for others, Spider
                                                                                     the spirit world to the material
                   Choice in 2020?                         did a postgraduate degree in   world is an opportunity to
                                                           counselling and is accredited
                                                                                     help people have a better
                                                           with the Australian Counselling   understanding of the life/death
                                                           Assoc. She self-published   process and be assured that
               Support your favourite psychics             a book for clairsentients   is guidance and direction is
                                                           titled, I Know the Feeling.   available to them, always. As
                          Vote online at                   Spider remains focused on   well as reading and teaching,
     authenticity, solutions and   Narelle is a writer and the
                                                           outcomes and providing    creator of The Rhythm of Life
                                                           valuable service, always.   Oracle Cards.

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