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                                                                                                   eing an
                                                                                                   empath is a
                                                                                                   strength not
                                                                                           B a weakness

                                                                                           Empaths sense subtle
                                                                                           changes in their environment.
                                                                                           They are highly sensitive
                                                                                           to the world around them.
                                                                                           They are gifted with sensing
                                                                                           others’ emotions and an
                                                                                           understanding of what is truly
                                                                                           going on. Empaths are natural
                                                                                           nurturers, magnetic leaders
                                                                                           and exceptional problem
                                                                                           Feeling others’ energy is
                                                                                           an empathic gift. Empaths
                                                                                           are tuned in to the invisible,
                                                                                           so empathic qualities are
                                                                                           magnificent magical gifts.

                                                                                           Being an empath is
                                                                                           a gift not a curse
                                                                                           Children with empathic sense
                                                                                           are often told they are too
                                                                                           sensitive and need to toughen
                                                                                           up, so from a young age are
                                                                                           conditioned to believe that
                                                                                           being sensitive is a quality to
                                                                                           be feared and ashamed of.
                                                                                           Perhaps if they were taught to
                                                                                           embrace their empathic ability
                                                                                           and intuitive gift and to be
                                                                                           proud of their sensitivity, they
                                                                                           would be more at peace with it
                                                                                           and empowered to share it in
                                                                                           a positive way.

                                                                                           Empaths are often accused
                                                                                           of being a victim, martyr
                                                                                           or sook. On the contrary;
                                                                                           empaths develop strength,
                                                                                           resilience and resourcefulness
                                                                                           to manage their sensitive

                                                                                           Genuine empaths
            The                                                                            are not concerned
                                                                                           with how things are
                                                                                           affecting them
            Empowered                                                                      Often, people who claim
                                                                                                Image by Glyn Ridgers
                                                                                           they are empaths sometimes
                                                                                           seem more concerned about
            Empath                                                   Photo by Suzi Karim   themselves. Some even brag
                                                                                           that they are so sensitive they
                                                                                           can’t even go to the shops to

             By Suzy Cherub                                                                buy a loaf of bread. As they
                                                                                           have a concern for their own
                                                                                           welfare, they may express the
                                                                                           need to avoid public places or
                                                                                           people as they are fearful of
                                                                                           absorbing others’ energies. Is
                                                                                           this their own fear creating this
                                                                                           paranoia and anxiety?
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