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       IPA in Review

       Hiromi Mitsuya

               he Australian
               Psychics                              Florence King.
               Association                           Photo by Stuart Spence
               (APA) was
       Tfounded in 1983
       and expanded to become
       the International Psychics
       Association (IPA) in 2013.
       The IPA continues the
       tradition and vision of the
       APA by acknowledging
       psychic ability is real and
       promoting guidelines for
       professional and ethical
       conduct for psychic
       practitioners. The IPA is
       regularly contacted by
       people looking for the ‘right’
       psychic. This ranges from
       members of the public who                                         Stephen Price, Zoe Dorian, Suzie Price, Hiromi Mitsuya
                                                                         and Joy Atkinson at the 2016 IPA Awards Dinner.
       are wanting a reading and
       businesses wanting psychics
       for a corporate event to   the IPA Awards Dinner. It is   Turnbull’s birthday, then   CODE OF ETHICS
       journalists and media agents   available to view on the ABC2   republished two days after my
       wanting input for articles   website till 4 January 2017.   birthday in 2016. I feel this is   1. Members should give
       or for psychics to appear in        * * *           confirmation from Simon that   psychic advice as responsibly
       television programs. It is our                      he is helping spread the IPA’s   and accurately as possible.
       task to recommend the best   In early May 2016, the IPA was   message to more people.
       psychic for each occasion.   contacted by CNBC in the USA                     2. Advice should be without
                                 with regards to an article on       * * *           judgement, in the best
                 * * *           financial fraud: They Saw Them   An article published in The   interests of the client and not
       The IPA was contacted by   Coming: Five Outrageous   Sydney Morning Herald in   imply 100% accuracy.
       a Japanese TV station (TV   Psychic Scams by Scott Cohn.   October 2016 questioned
       Asahi) on Christmas Day   The cases of fraud covered   why more people than ever   3. Readings may make
       in 2015. They produced a   and highlighted the need to   are going to psychics and   reference to legal and medical
       special investigative program   raise people’s awareness of   fortune tellers. The IPA was   issues but are not to give legal
       using three international   what they should or should not   approached for comment and   or medical advice.
       mediums including Debbie   expect from a psychic. Here is   the full article, Into the mystic:   4. Members are to charge
       Malone, the recipient of the   an extract from the article:    Why more people are going to
       2013 Australian Psychic of                          psychics than ever before, by   reasonable consultation fees
       the Year Award. The program   For those of us who remain   Samantha Selinger-Morris, is   for their psychic work.
       featured a missing persons   skeptical, there are actually   available to read at http://www.  5. Members will respect the
       case Debbie assisted with and   organizations that claim to  privacy of their clients and
       was aired in January 2016 in   promote and enforce ethical   relationships/into-the-mystic-  offer a confidential service.
       Japan. It is available to view   standards among psychics.   why-more-people-are-going-
       on YouTube—in Japanese.                             to-psychics-than-ever-before-  6. Members will respect the  At the top of its 8-point code   20161019-gs6ga4.html.  free will of all individuals and
                                   of ethics, the Australia-                         will not offer to influence
                 * * *             based International               * * *           another against their will, such
       The documentary, Psychics in   Psychics Association says   If you would like to connect   as promising to bring a person
       the Suburbs, aired on ABC2 in   its members ‘should give   with a psychic in your area   to love them.
       November 2016. Produced by   advice as responsibly and   for readings or to attend any
       Media Stockade and featuring   accurately as possible.’  classes being offered, visit   7. Members will not promote
       Florence King, the program                          www.internationalpsychics  nor offer to remove curses nor
       looked at the business of   You can read the full article You can   the effects of other maleficent
       being a psychic medium.   online at http://www.cnbc.  search our Members Directory   magic.
       The documentary followed   com/2016/07/27/they-saw-  by postcode which makes it
       Florence King’s work for a year   them-coming-five-outrageous-  easier to find the right psychic   8. Psychic services should
       following her receipt of the   psychic-scams.html.  in your area. Before seeing a   only be given to persons
       2014 Psychic People’s Choice                        psychic, it is wise to read the   eighteen years or over unless
       Award. The documentary    This article was published   IPA Code of Ethics so as you   permission is given by a
       contains some scenes from   online on the day after Simon   know what to expect.  parent or guardian.

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