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                                                                                             2017 International Psychics
                                                                                             Proudly Published by
                                                                                             Metier Media Pty Ltd
                                                                                             PO BOX 6019
                                                                                             Mitchelton QL D 4053
                                                                                             P: 61 (7) 3351 5566
                  eople are often afraid                                           
                  to talk about esoteric   Suzy Cherub and                                   ACN 102878900
                  feelings, visions or   Leela Williams
            Peven strange dreams        during our cover                                     In association with
                                                                                             InfoConnect Pty Ltd
                                        shoot with Suzi
            in case they are judged     Karim at the Old                                     (ACN: 114 245 242)
            to be off with the fairies.   Museum Building                                    as Trustee for
            While Jung psychologised    in Brisbane.                                         The Turnbull Family Trust
            mystical experiences, he also                                                    (ABN: 13 573 471 875)
            championed the benefits of                                                       and International
                                                                                             Psychics Association Pty Ltd
            exploring them and bringing                                                      (ACN: 164 036 757)
            them into consciousness. To                                                      PO Box 3066,
            him, denying or repressing                                                       Eastlakes NSW 2018
            spiritual feelings could lead to                                                 P:  61 (2) 9368 1177
            complexes or neurosis. Talking                                         
            about your experiences is the                                                    In Loving Memory
            first step to understanding                                                      of Simon Turnbull
            what is happening, and you   Leela Williams and Sharina Star
            will find most psychics are   hosting the 2016 IPA Awards Dinner                 Production Manager:
            more than happy to listen and                                                    Leela J Williams
            reassure you of your sanity.                                                     In consultation
            They might be able to interpret                                                  with Hiromi Mitsuya
            your experience, recommend
            a book or suggest you attend                                                     Design: Marcin Ciez
            a meditation or development                                                      P: 0414 34 55 11
            group. Psychics are more than
            just fortune tellers, they can be                                                Copy Editor: Jeanette Hartnack
            spiritual advisors, healers and
            a friendly ear as well. Some                                                     Cover Image:
            psychics, like mediums, don’t                                                    Suzy Cherub
            tell fortunes at all!                                                            by Suzi Karim
                                                                Lucky 11s! Katy-K, Leela Williams
            There are many reasons to                           and Mandy Williamson         Copyright Notice: All rights
            consult a psychic and you                                                        reserved. No part of this
            don’t even need to be a    psychic’s predictions weren’t   wonder if this isn’t the most   publication may be used,
                                                                                             reproduced or transmitted in
            believer to benefit. It can be   accurate—not even close—  valuable aspect of seeing a   any form without prior written
            valuable to talk something   that reading made me see   psychic.                 consent of the publishers.
            over with someone who isn’t   how easily I could fall into the
            too close to your situation   same old habits and repeat the   Whatever your reason for   Disclaimer: Without prejudice.
            and interesting just to get   same patterns over and over.   seeing a psychic, I am sure   While every care has been taken
            an outsider’s opinion or   It was exactly what I needed   there is someone for you   the publishers do not accept any
                                                                                             responsibility for the accuracy
            perspective. The best reading   to hear.             here in the 2017 International   of our content. Information and
            I ever had didn’t come true                          Psychics Directory.         views expressed by advertisers
            at all. Because I didn’t let it!   Instead of jumping into the   Asking your friends for a   and contributors do not
            Having that possibility laid on   unknown future, I like a   recommendation is another   necessarily reflect the views of
            in front of me made me realise   psychic to be able to tell me a   good way to find a psychic   the publishers. Content provided
                                                                                             as general information only. The
            I couldn’t sit back and wait   little of my past or my present.   and it might also start off some   publishers take no responsibility
            for the unsatisfactory vision   Starting with confirmable   interesting conversations.   should you choose to act on
            to unfold, I had to get in and   ground is a good way to                         advice given.
            influence my future with focus   confirm a connection. I also   Love and laughter,
            and effort. Even though that   like to feel understood, and I   Leela            If you would like to participate
                                                                                             in the 2018 International
                                                                                             Psychics Directory,
                                                                                             contact us at
                                 WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE PSYCHIC?                    
             Vote for any psychic appearing in this directory at
             The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the 2017 IPA Awards Dinner in
                                      Sydney on 9 September 2017.
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