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       PSYCHIC                          2016 Psychic of the Year Award

       OF THE                                              — Australia

       YEAR                           he Psychic of the Year Award is voted on by the members of the
                                      International Psychics Association so the recipients have the honour of
       AWARDS                    Thaving their work recognised by their peers. To be entitled to receive
                                 an IPA Psychic of the Year Award, you must be a full member for three
                                 consecutive years.  The winner for 2016 was Suzie Price.

             he Psychic
             Awards were                                                 Suzie began communicating with spirits at
       Tintroduced                                                       an early age after a near death experience.
                                                                         She began using that ability to help
       by the Australian                                                 others in her late twenties and has been
       Psychics Association                                              a professional medium for over fifteen
       in 2004 and this                                                  years. Suzie’s reputation as a psychic
       tradition continues                                               grew through word of mouth and she had a
                                                                         regular and growing customer base when
       with the International                                            she first joined the Psychics Association.
       Psychics                                                          Since then, her reputation and profile has
       Association. The                                                  continued to bloom and she is booked well
       annual awards                                                     in advance for private readings.
       acknowledge the                                                   In 2014, Suzie released her first book and
       outstanding among                                                 she followed this by recording a full album
       an extraordinary                                                  of uplifting spiritual songs. Suzie would
       group of people.                                                  like to become better known internationally
                                                                         so as she can help people on a global
                                                                         level and we wish her all the best in that
                                 Suzie Price                             endeavour.
                                                                         Sara has run mediation and spiritual
                                 An active and positive ambassador of the   awareness groups, enjoys tarot, is a tai
                                 psychic industry in Australia, Suzie received   chi instructor and continues to enjoy her
                                 widespread television, radio, magazine and   psychic and mediumship work. She says
                                 newspaper coverage in the twelve months   she is often thanked by psychologists for
                                 prior to receiving this award. She does   the work she does as it seems to have a
                                 readings five days a week and her desire   beneficial impact for those grieving the loss
                                 to help more people than she can reach   of a loved one. Sara’s psychic journey has
                                 one on one has her writing, giving group   been a slow and steady one. She says this
                                 demonstrations and regularly traveling with   is important as it takes integrity, honesty
                                 her psychic shows. Suzie also does regular   and confidentiality to do this work, and she
                                 platform at spiritualist churches and donates   has been honing these skills alongside her
                                 prizes to charities out of gratitude that she is   psychic ability. Sara appears as a regular
                                 able to help people through her work.    guest on Psychic TV.

                                       Professional and Personal Coffee Cup Readings
                                                by Psychic Medium Deniz Batuk

                                          Your future begins with right choices today.

                                         2016 Psychic People’s Choice Award Winner

                                        All appointments booked online at:
                                        Twitter: Psychic Deniz  Tel: 0406 985 290
                                        Mailing: PO Box 213, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia

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